Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Canadian troops in the stan . I know the Canadians can serve till 55 but out in the stan on patrol, Good on them.



    First pic is a 31 year old.
  2. Actually, we can now serve until the age of 60.
  3. Hi as you say we are you a Canuk or a Brit?
  4. Blimey! Makes it hard for the young 'uns to drop out if the old sod's still in front!
  5. I'm a Canuck...I'm going to a retirement dinner on Friday for a fellow that is 60 and has done 43 years in the army. His 2 clasps on his CD say it all and his last BFT of 13 km was only 3 mins slower than the youngster that finished first.

    When I did my basic, we had a fellow on course that was 46 (that's when we could stay in until 55). The fellow put us to shame while at the same time highly motivating us to keep up with him for fear of being labelled the one the old guy beat.
  6. Thats one hell of a haunting stare that guy in the first pic has. One can only wonder what he has seen to have that look
  7. An empty cigarette packet? I have that kinda look when I run out of cigs at work..
  8. Cruel but pantwettingly funny!

    Hey, I was just about to add an entry to my Ex STAB rehab thread saying - "basically my leg's fcuked and I'm going to give up on getting back in"

    I've just changed my mind. I'll persevere.
  9. Makes these stories from failing recruits who complian that its too hot / cold / wet / dry / far or hard seem to be completely pointless.
    Well done the older generation. Still serving
  10. sluts!
  13. How can we lose when we have Santa on our side!!
  14. There are some right gnarly old sods about.
    A Polish guy who swims at my local pool is an ex Olympian.
    He still swims butterfly, runs three miles a day, at a respectable pace and coaches tennis.
    He's 74.
  15. Soldiers have always needed "toughening up" - its the way of things. Its not a big deal or a drama, its life. Kids come from civvy street and they aren't what the Army need.

    They are what the Army want but not need.

    It was the same in 1800.

    The Army has always recruiuted from those who will give their lives to their country for no more reason than they think they should.

    Wellington had the same policy.

    Thing is, we're a bit more clever now and......................................


    Warfare is the same, our recruits are not. Our kids get paid no more to fight the same enemy...........

    Bored of arguing.....