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How old is too old?

A question for the men
say you were a man of 26 would you do a woman say of 69 if she looked like this

does age matter or is the attitude if she has a pulse then it's okay?
Most certainly!

She would not even need a pulse!

She is very attractive and I could not care less about her age in years.

as far as I am concerned, '69' is a magic number and with someone of that age looking as good as she does then '69' is a number I would be most happy to give practical effect to!

Regards and best wishes
Wouldn't worry about age when servicing the older model just make sure her old man isn't around or if he is could have a heart attack should he try to give chase of course the single model is a better option but not always as much fun?

Why refuse its not as if one knows it all even at my age it sometimes a case of old dog new tricks, what!!!!!
castlereagh said:
Tartan_Terrier said:
I've got a mate who's 27 and married to a gopping bag of spuds who's 54.

It's sick, she's got kids older than him. I don't think they call him Dad though.
Has he admitted to calling her Mum in bed?
He hasn't admitted it, but I'm sure he's done it. He's a bit of a sick fecker.

Personally, I'd say 10 up, 10 down is the max.
castlereagh said:
A question for the men
say you were a man of 26 would you do a woman say of 69 if she looked like this

does age matter or is the attitude if she has a pulse then it's okay?

Everytime I see her I think of Barbarella Wish I was Duran Duran.

Nurse help help this are getting out of hand
WhiteHorse said:
I've seen Hanoi Jane in the flesh, there must be a lot of airbrush work in that photo!

Don't care you could always have a big screen and the keep fit video on just to take your mind off it.

Why are the youth of today so selective !!!!!
If it were a one off then yeah, I'd have no qualms about a milf.

However, on a long-term basis??? I probably wouldn't. Unless she was stinking rich.


pics removed by mod, you dont have to show any nudity really to make a point


No contest really :D
There is no pleasing some people!

After a couple of pints any legal, willing and female orifice with hair round it should do :hump:

And in the case of Grandma Milf that will probably include earholes and nostrils :pissed:

But make sure her knashers are in the glass by the bed or there could be a nasty encounter with your bellend if the denture grip gives out at the wrong time. 8O

Many a good tune is played on an old fiddle! :wink:
Surely there comes a point when the cost of lubricant becomes so great as to outweigh the benefit of shagging her. Having said that though she's post menopause so no need to bag up, GMILF cream pies anyone?

I have fantasised about Lumley, but I have to say that it's the voice that does it for me now rather than the looks. I can just imagine those lilting middle english tones invoking me to conduct some depraved act upon her person, maybe sh*tting on her tits or something.
When I was a younger man, (17), a long time ago, I chucked one up a Septic bird who claimed to be only 56..... 8)

As it happens, she was very fit, and the bag off was better than I've had off any younger fat birds!

I might draw the line at looking her up again, as she'd be 76 now ( if I was to believe her estimate in the first place :D )

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