How old is Too Old??

Hi All,

First post and i have a question that has been burning inside for a while.

I joined the army in 1997 and left in 2004 serving 7 and a half years. I have always thought of rejoining as a "backup plan". thinking if the shit hits the fan i can always bugger off for 6 months on a tour of slipper city. On my tours there where many folk who where just passing though as reservists or even TA guys (no offence to TA guys).

At what age does this option become - not an option? I am 33 now and still feel like i did when i was 17, with a bit more timber!! Civvy street is getting proper shit!!

Are the army still sending reserves to man places like Kosovo and Falklands just to put men in boots??? or has all that gone now??

Try giving RTMC Chilwell a ring buddy I think they deal with reservists issues , don't think there are any slipper tours available nowadays OP Tosca I believe is a TA commitment and the Falklands a regular posting could be wrong .

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Thanks may give them a bell and see what the sketch is, Tosca, cyprus sunshine tour? that sounds ok hey! i remember fighting to get there when i was serving only to be sent to frigging Bulford!


They're only 'too old' when you have to wear a black condom out of respect.

Hope that helps.

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