How old is this?

Discussion in 'REME' started by MuddyMettle, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    When did these testers last get use??

    Found a few of the when clearing out the stores.

    Please bear with me if there is no picture, not sure how to add pictures.

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  2. What is it?
  3. I think it's a brake tester I.E Tapley (If thats how you spell it)

    Found a few more that look older, one had a G-clamp on it.
  4. The Tapley Brake Meter is fitted into a square wooden box. This looks like a Churchill brake tester, which is fitted inside a metal box and replaced our Tapelys last year.

    In response to your question the answer is very old.

    Fcuk I'm bored.
  5. i was using these in nuneaton, gamecock bks in 1996
  6. It is a Churchill Brake Test Meter.It had 3 adjusting screw feet and a spirit level. It was placed in cab, leveled and a card was placed inside the curved spine. Remove cover from pen,mounted on a weighted ,swinging pendulum, and drive off. At about 20-25mph brake sharpley and the weight of the pendulum marked a line up the card showing braking efficiency as a percentage. The pendulum could also move L/R to show if brakes were pulling.
    These are older than the Tapley Decelorometer type but were favoured over the Tapley as they gave a physical record of what the brake performance was, rather than relying on testers honesty with Tapley. These were still in use late 90`s early 2000`s as the Army couldn`t procure enough Turnkey meters (Digital Decelorometer) and while they were doing that, everything changed over to RBT anyhow.(Believe this was during paranoia about brake fluid changes not being properly recorded in section 3, and other anomolies that VOSA wern`t happy about)
    Useful as an interim test but how legally valid the results are is open to question.

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  7. These were being used to test Mastiff brakes on Telic 12. Before that I hadn't seen one for about 15 years.
  8. Now making a come back due to the trailer brake testing fiasco.....
  9. I thought common sense had prevailed on that one at last.
  10. Now come on we're talking REME here and the words common, sense and REME will never be used in the same sentence.

  11. I know people who still use them on Land Rovers when rolling road brake testers cannot be used.
  12. Apparently there was a short outbreak of common sense, however DE&S managed to stamp it out before too much damage was done.............