How old are you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stacka, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Er first of all id like to say hi......secondly.

    Just out of interest how old is every one here? Im 25 to set the ball old to be joining do you think?
  2. The Army or ARRSE
  3. For fúcks sake....

    I can see this one running for nine pages...
  4. Hello stacka, joining the Army, arrse, what?

    Hey check that out, 3 replies all at the same time! And all no help whatsoever.
  5. The Army
  6. Past your bed time then
  7. Go on Stacka, try and groom me.
  8. No mate, I'm 46 and I'd join up again (if I was out), if my knackered body could pass it all again.
  9. much much to old I was 15 when I joined in 1966
  10. I would say I'm old enough to be your dad and ask the obvious question of where was your mum 26 years ago but you sound like such a dullard that there's no way you could be my offspring!
  11. Good good, so im young in comparison. I have a good mate who did the first gulf war, he swears to me im at a good age for it.

    Even though im going bald
  12. Go on then stax, which bit you going to join then, Airborne or Commodo?

    I've noticed this gambit work as a way of padding out other threads. 9 pages plus I'd say.
  13. Chances are you may very well be, i have no idea where she is
  14. anyone got any idea of how to join ta even with a 9.414 dicharge from regs 12 yrs ago?
  15. Rifles, im a RM reject sadly