How often will I get to see my wifey?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Spike.scully, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. I've started the whole recruiting process and have got as far as my pre selection but in need of sum advice!
    I started out with the mind set that I'm gonna stay single until I have completed both phase of basic training then start looking for someone once I'm in the Royal Engineers but I have now met a girl who I feel totally smittend with. I'm an old boy now ( not to shy of 30!!!) and know the difference between a school boy crush and somthing more seirious!!! The only thing she is worried about is not seeing me for really long lenghts of time when on tour and getting based miles away from her!
    Do I get any choice of locations when I apply for army acomerdation and how long would I most likely be on tour, is it true that it could be six months at a time? How much leave will I get?
    Please if anyone is part of the RE and have a girlfriend/wife on civvy street please could you help me out? Really don't want to ask my recruiting officer, I have full support from my friends and fam about joining and I don't want him to think that I'm only intrested in getting time off!!! Sorry for the bad spelling ;p

    respect to all that fight to make Britain Great!!! ;)
  2. I wouldn't worry about it Spike.Scully. If it is Love, if it is worth working at then it'll last, mightnot be a bed of roses sometimes but it'll work itself out. If you find yourself sticking your dick into anything that'll let you then you can blame the job and she'll still think you're heroic. You're sitting pretty so don't worry about it, just take it as it comes.

    Don't call her your wifey though, even if you're married that's a stupid thing to say. Don't do it again.
  3. Tours are six months generally.

    You do get a choice of where you are posted but that doesn't mean you will get where you want.

    You get 38 paid days per year. and you will get a fair few weekends, during training this time will be limited (ie no weekends) and you may find you get leave when you are told not when you want it.

    Once out of training, it will all depend on your units commitments. If you want your time in the army more go for it, if you feel youwant to settle down with her, go for it.

    You can have both. But it may be hard.
  4. Cheers for the advice guys, so I was right about ghe time on tour! Well I can atleast rensure her that there's a chance I can be based not to far from her but not mention that it is a slim chance lol
    and the wifey thing... She prefers that than "me bitch" lol
  5. Let us be very clear. You should accept that you will be on tour for 6 months every two years or so. You will probably be based far enough from her that you will only see her at weekends when you are not on tour. You will also be on duty some weekends and on exercises and other training on others. While in basic training you will get very little time off.

    The Army does not really accept the validity of relationships other than marriage so, in order to be able to live together or have any kind of consideration shown to your status as a couple you would feel pressured to get married. Is that what you want? Is that what she wants?