How often is transfer selection held?

Currently waiting to hear back to see if i will be offered an interview down at Chicksands,paperwork has been sent off so fingers crossed!

Does anyone have any idea on how long it takes on whether they decide to offer me an interview? Just looking for a rough guide as it's already been a few weeks since the paperwork was sent off to Glasgow.

Would i be right in assuming that DV would be considered (whether there would be any issues getting DV) for the potential applicant during the initial paper sift?

Any helpful info would be massively appreciated!
If anyone could offer any advice or input on this i would greatly appreciate it:

My paperwork has been submitted through to Glasgow and by now i am hoping it has reached the Int Corps side, i'm wondering how long it takes from them receiving my paperwork to saying a yes/no to offering me a selection interview? My RCMO said that the process can take up to 6 months but the problem is that having spoken to the Int Corps recruitment WO he said that there is an intake for the OPMI(L) course in Feb...

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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As I understand it, the paper-sift process at Glasgow is fairly efficient. I do remember being briefed at one point that once the paperwork is sent off it should be no longer than six weeks until a decision either way is made. That is not gospel though.

Language courses are usually filled up way, way in advance, and I'd normally say that to expect a language course as soon as Feb is cutting it a bit fine. Saying that, if your information is direct from the OPMI(L) WO then I'd go with the dates he's given you.

Wait out - and good luck.
That was the info that the recruitment WO gave me when i called him but i suppose i really shouldn't get too far ahead of myself,need to get my foot in the door by getting offered an interview first!

Cheers for the reply though!

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