How often do radiographers deploy

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by wee-bawbag, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Do radiographers go on ops much, if so how often, for how long ect, individual replacements or as part of brigades

    Where are they based on the ops they are on ect

    Also does anyone know anything about clinical physiologists and if they are recruiting at the minute??
  2. yes

    the carde try not to break harmony guidelines

    normally 3 months

    normally IR's

    based in the hospital wherever it is
  3. Ummm, the X-Ray Dept in the Hosp?

    Usually IR's, but depends on the unit that you're posted with in the UK.

    I'm on my 2nd tour in 18 months (edited to add. . . . . . .i was at home for 18 months before I was deployed again, I got myself confussed then)

    Anything else?
  4. Yes (What do you want to know?) and yes (Next board is in November).
  5. basically here is the deal, i want a job that is quite far removed from what most peoples connotations of military life are. (exercise,green kit, bullshit ect)

    I want a job that involves people interaction and gives you a sense of achievement, i also would like to be able to plan my life from month to month and not deploy on ops every 2 mins.

    Further to this any civvy recognized quals is always a bonus.

    Pretty much know what a radiographers job is but clueless about clinical physiologist other than what i have read on the internet (very little), as i have never encountered one or met anyone that knows one i was hoping for some advice on here about if either of these paths is suited.

    cheers in advance
  6. Is this a wah :? or are you just trying out a few phrases for your interview to make sure you don't get a job in the Army. :roll:

    Admittedly not all jobs are as green as another but you will still be in the Army first and foremost and whatever trade you join there will be deployments, green kit, bullshit etc. just at varying intervals dependant on which trade.
    At the moment Radiographers deploy fairly regularly / Clin Phys fairly rarely but this can change and both trades take a long time to train, 4 and 5 years respectively.
    So what the political / military / deployment situation will be once you have trained and qualified will quite possibly be drastically different from that of today.

    If you are serious about joining the army then either post some specific questions or PM me and I will give you as much information as possible, or even better walk into your local Army Careers Information Office and organise an aquaint visit to find out what Army Radiographers / Clin Phys do.
  7. No Wah on: Get a job with the NHS fcukwit you get paid more as a soldier because you are expected to do more 'green' stuff and occaisionally you may get in harms way even hundreds of miles in the rear at a base hospital. The RAMC has 31 VC's to it's name. none of them won by w4nkers wanting a quiet life unhindered by duty. Now Fcuk off and die, prattttt. No Wah off:
  8. If there are any influential radiographers reading this *wink* can I please be on this candidates selection board please, I will stop all the jokes about the Nutradol I PROMISE. (thanking you in advance) :D
  9. Thanks for your responses, perhaps not quite as constructive as i had hoped but non the less i am left in no doubt about your general feelings on this matter, (equally useful)

    I apologise for any offence caused to anyone and was no way trying to undermime anyones current career choice, i respect all members of the forces regardless of job choice and was hoping through my honesty i may find a career path suited for me, It is quite appartent that my honesty has been interpreted as a attack on your profession and appears to upset you, for this, sorry.

    Dont understand the nutradol comment but i am sure it was some sort of insult aimed at me so with my tail between my legs i will now go and lick my wounds before dissappearing of the armed forces radar.

    Good luck to you all

    stay safe
  10. Unlucky. You don't know much about us at all then really as we get posted to Field Hosps & have to do all that good stuff & bullshit? Yes there is plenty of that.

    [quote="Markintime]Get a job with the NHS fcukwit you get paid more as a soldier because you are expected to do more 'green' stuff and occaisionally you may get in harms way even hundreds of miles in the rear at a base hospital.[/quote]

    Sadly not. It's still much more lucrative to work as a civvy, & unfortunately we are not always 100s of miles to the rear in the Field Hosps either. (edited to remove 'war stories' as you real soldiers don't want to hear that rubbish)

    We mustn't forget, we are all soldiers first :roll:
  11. Well we've all had to check the QA billets from time to time.