How often do officers fight?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by HMarmedforcesRM396, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. When I am old enough I plan on joining the royal marines as an officer.

    Would a platoon commander go on patrols apart from fighting patrols and ambushes? would they go on recce patrols or standing patrols?

    What about company and battalion commanders? I have heard a lot of people say that they don't fight even in company or battalion attacks. yet their are plenty of battalion commanders who lead the attack in the field with the rest of the men rather than back at an office. take lt. col H jones of 3 para for instance. He lead an attack on goose green in the falklands and got a VC. would they ever fight?
  2. Platoon commanders do nothing in the Corps. Try reading up on the make up of a Commando Unit, they have Troops not Platoons.

    If the Troop Sgt lets him the Troop Commander gets to go for walks with the lads.
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  3. Why are you asking about the Royal Marines on an (ostensibly) Army forum?
  4. Meanwhile, back in the real world .............................
  5. If you are genuinely what your profile states, you would be better off going elsewhere for advice. I realise of course that I have given you advice on this site, which goes against my advice, but there you go.
  6. Only Troops fight, officers engage in combat.
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  7. They do what they can. Which may or may not be much.
  8. Section / multiple, platoon & company commanders usually don't use their weapons in "an attack" as they are busy issuing orders / trying to maintain an element of control & cohesion over their subordinates / Jocks / toms or on the radio. If they are then the situation's generally went tits up.
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  9. He's in the cadets forum telling the world how MTP doesn't work as well, so expect anything
  10. Fight? Any time someone looks at my pint in a certain way.
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  11. If you spill someone's pink gin in the officer's mess, you will defo be having a fight.
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  12. Only if someone turns up wearing the same frock on a run ashore.
  13. H Jones was 2 PARA
  14. You have a lot to learn.

    In simple terms, if an officer has to fire off a round, then all has turned to shit and its damn close to every man for himself.

    Until that time, he (or she these days) has a full time job trying to understand what is going on around them, constantly making plans to deal with contingencies, rearranging assets as the situation unfolds, and updating his or her superiors on the situation.

    No section or platoon commander will want you hanging around - it will unsettle the troops, make him/her nervous about stuffing up, and can only lead to confusion. AsI was told, "if you don't trust your subordinate commanders then replace them, if you do, keep out of the way and let them do what they are best at".

    BUT - you also need to be aware that the moment things turn to shit, the NCO goes down, or mass bottle is lost in a moment of confusion, then its your job to step up to the mark and take control instantly with the right decisions delivered in a very forceful manner.

    Thats what you are paid for.
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  15. Sorry I meant troop. Why's it called a troop if the royal marines are an infantry regiment (not in the actual infantry but you know..)