How often are the 2 week training camps can I fit most of them in with coullege

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dantae, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. studying Motorbike mechanics 2 days a week so weekends and Tuesdays are fine and the money will really help as i will probably have to give up my current crap job to get the trade question is how often are the camps during term time and how many will i be looking at to get on the next deployment in roughly 12 months time joining 7 rifles G company
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Best you ask them when their camp dates are. They will also able able to answer your questions about going on tour.

  3. just read the stuff sabre sent me if any one else is interested its 2 weeks annually.
  4. If you speak nicely to Brigade, they'll work the annual ADE around your term time. There quite good like that.
  5. Cheers pilot ill keep that in mind i had no idea that was even possible ill keep it in mind hopefully not muchlonger till i can jack this job in
  6. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Young Dantae, I wouldn't worry about that yet. If you are who i think you are then you still have Recruit "Selection" to do yet . . .then all of your Phase 1 weekends........don't worry about running before you are walking.
  7. If your in 7 Rifles, the next 2 week TSC(A) & (INF) starts on the 14th Jan 2010 - its called Saxon Challenge 2 and is linked with a CIC starting on 5th Feb 2010, So in a 5 week period you can do all of your initial training. Your Unit definitley have the details
  8. Pob02 thats true I do still have all the fun recruit stuff to do just wanted to make sure i wasn't taking on to to much and would be able to make the commitment with college ect and will try to slow down
  9. Dantae

    You'll almost certainly NOT be able to deploy next year - its too soon after your start date and the Battalion has already started pre-deployment training.

    Ask that bloke with stick tomorrow night - call him "Joe", or that smaller chap with a Gringo 'tache - he likes it when people call him Jim.
  10. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Evil BB . . .evil
  11. BB - I know a member of Salonika who joined the RRV in Dec 06 and went on Herrick with Salonika... so it's not impossible to be on deployment within a year of doing your papers.

    Anyway, what I was going to say to the OP was - you needn't do the 2 week Phase 1, you can do that on weekends (around your course). Then rather than jumping straight on CIC, book it for about 6 months post-basic (try and do it Autumn or Spring, not too hot not too cold) so you can get your fitness peak, get used to running with kit, and go there with both the fitness and the confidence to complete it. I don't know what CIC pass-rates are like now, but I know they weren't all that high a few years ago.

    Then annual camp is summer. This year G Coy went in September but it can be much earlier. If you're not CIC'd you probably won't be able to go. I'd say for the TA, you can get away with 1x 2week camp per year, but you're better off 'time budgeting' for two.
  12. Defiantly not imposable bravo sgt snow has already told us that if we do training fast track and produce good scores then there is a possibility we can go other wise it will be on the next one. therealbigdizzle cheers for your advice doing CIC later will definatley allow me to organise things with work better annual leave ect.
    Course isn't the problem Its those ******* in SODexho management screwing with us all the time (hospital porter made to suffer not cause of your problems and crap food!!! )
  13. A point to note Dantae, if you don't complete CIC within 6 months of completing TSC(Inf) you will have to start all over again.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    A lot has changed since Herrick 7, namely DIE Training requirement for mobilisation, which in itself takes upto a year. The days of mobilising lads fresh out of depot (which did happen up until recently) are over.

    Mate, you might want to double-check what the good Sjt has informed you with a reliable secondary source.
  15. Difficult you get different answers who ever you ask and sgt snow is in charge of the recruits any way its all just food for thought sorting out selection and training comes first tours will come later. pissing off my employer is just a bonus