How often are Basic courses?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BRMoore, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. On average how frequent does Basic for infantry start? or how many times during the year are there set dates basic for infantry starts every year? just wondering about how long I will have to wait after selection, which I don't have a date for yet hopefully 22nd...

    Is it just Pirbright? if it is basically that narrows it down how often does a course at Pirbright start then...

    Edit: It is catterick I found this -

    "Until mid-2002 the Army training organisation carried out centralised Phase 1 Training at four Army Training Regiments (ATRs). Since then, infantry recruits do all of their training at the Infantry Training Centre (Catterick)."
  2. depends on what your joining ie: para, Guards or chippies
  3. i might be wrong but i thought all infantry was at ITB Catterick
  4. 22nd of this month? you'll be ******* lucky mate.

    average wait is a few months. and do your research about your future job, all infantry train at catterick, 24 weeks for all but guards, paras and gurhkas who do extra few weeks, gurhkas do like 40 weeks.
  5. Then surely that means that Royal Marines aren't correct in saying they have the longest infantry training in the world?!
  6. well im not proffessing to be a gurkha expert by any stretch of the imagination, but i believe its so long because they have to do language training and such. im not sure of the exact length but i think its around there.

    it depends on your persective, and also, i believe the RM brochure actually says 'one of the longest', which isnt the same as the longest.

    some people may not class language and culture lessons as part of a basic military training.

    anybody please feel free to correct anything or give exact figures :p
  7. Quote from RM website.
  8. Usually two intakes a month and it is a 26 week course unless you go Guards as they do an extra two weeks. If you are under 17 you could do 20 weeks at Bassinbourn or 41 weeks at AFC Harrogate then a further 10 and 14 weeks at ITC depending on where you come from. hope this helps.
  9. Gurkhas do so long because of the language course....if they don't pass there English then they don't pass the training
  10. I meant 22nd for re-doing selection and i got confirmed for 24th now so 24th for selection and this isn't an mod website where im asking the people that will want to know at selection so really....i am doing my research...

    and frankly I've done all of this already so last time I was going to do 42 weeks at AFC Harrogate just north and east of me so this is actually the 2nd time I'm researching so it's not like I'm lazy, I got deffered and I'm no different I'm straight back at it again.

    Edited my first post...