How observant are you?

Check this one took me a while too ! I was able to find 2 before I
gave up ... you have to look close .... look at the town.

Let me know how many you find!

There are two pictures identical to each other, you have to find three

If you can find three differences, then you are part of an elite group of individuals.

This has been tested on 8000 people, and only 19 people out of
8000 found the three differences. There is no trick, all three differences exist. Try it!! click on the link below
Got them.

1. The women in the brown house has a shaved muff in the first and a full beaver in the second
2. The glacier in the second picture has a dog turd on it
3. Unless my eyes deceive me, the water is 1 inch shallower on the second
LOL I read the thread before hand. Pee'd my pants laughing! See, I sent it round to the 10 people at work in my office, they all opened it one after the other and speaker’s full blast...................quick exit was made for me!

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