How not to sell stuff on EBay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. most excellent
    even better that bloke in the picture has a body like an adonis 8O
  2. Hrm, maybe he was selling the gear to buy more clothes?

    The spreadlegs pose on the second photo is quite disturbing.
  3. Im still shuddering....

    If only the sexy ladies with shaven havens could figure out how to use a camera..... :twisted:
  4. those people do it on purpose - it's a new type of net flashing on ebay. supposedly there is a growing amount of participants, somebody told me................. :oops:
  5. I've started doing it on ARRSE. If you look really carefully at my Avatar picture, in the reflection off the camera flash on Slimers head, above his left eye (right as you look at it) you'll see my fruit bowl contained within a hair scruntchy reflecting back at you........
  6. and if you look for my fruit bowl, you, sir, are both perverted and a welcome guest in my house!

    Viva my plums and banana!
  7. Some time back, a guy was selling an electric kettle. This was a chromed kettle, and you could see his fat ugly nude image reflecting on it as he was taking the picture.

    Links to it made the rounds, did anyone see it?

    edited to say, Damn, now that the links are working, that first picture is it! 8O
  8. some can :wink:
  9. ...and are shaven?
  10. No auction links?
  11. no but feel free to bid, i'm far from cheap though lol
  12. Beanz, it is probably a sign of the sad times we live in, but i've just had a horrible thought:

    You're not a hairy arrsed 17st 43 year old IT tech trying to groom some of us NAAFI bar innocents are you?

  13. hehe, ask around, some from this site have seen me!
    kate moss i'm not... but trust i ain't that mandy dingle either