How not to run a range

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by QRK2, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Thats not that bad, I was expecting a serious ND and some claret
  2. Awww I thought somthing was going to happen...
  3. heh, a dipped Sterling, and someone with a dipped Car-15, with a couple hundred bolt on's....
  4. Guesting on a range with the London Scottish. One Cockney Jock has a "runaway gun" with his GPMG. In the excitement of the moment he forgets his IA drills and instead throws his arms in the air, shouting "look! No hands!"

    How we laughed as his PSI smacked him around the "heed" with a shovel.

  5. You can always see when it's a Septic firing a Sterling. For some reason, they want to hang onto the mag, instead of gripping the weapon properly. Why?

  6. 'Cos that's what they do in Hollywood. Good enough for Hollywood it's good enough for the "Military".
  7. Apart from The Wild Geese the only film I can think of featuring the Small Metal Gun was Star Wars.

    But yes, WW2 films are full of Hollywood actors blatting away with Sten guns holding the magazine as a ersatz stock.

  8. Beg to differ actually, Veg. If memory serves, there was a film made (I think from a Tom Clancy book) about "Da Trobbles" in Norn Iron. It starred Harrison Ford and his missis and kid get splattered by a Sterling when the squaddie holding it trips over. Can't remember the name of the film, but I'm sure somebody else in the board'll come up with it.

  9. Nice to see the small metal gun again. Twat couldn't even take the mag of un aided. FFS!
  10. Clear and present danger?
  11. Sorry, It was Patriot Games.
  12. Small Metal Gun also appeared in Robocop, with a convenient extended barrel allowing the eponymous hero to bend the barrel through 90 degrees.

    Also OHMSS in the hands of George Laserbeams as Bond

    And Fatal Beauty with Whoopi Goldberg. Used by the villain who after Goldberg has emptied a Winchester rifle into him pulls open his coat to reveal....body armour

    "Kevlar bitch!"

    Unpeturbed Whoopi draws the big shiny revolver she's picked up and replies;

    "Smith & Wesson asshole"

    as she opens a hole up in his forehead.