How Not to Recruit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abacus, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Lifted this from the Using the Phone Thread:

    So where else are we getting it wrong so that we can learn by our own and others' mistakes?
  2. For the love of God please

    * take down defunct unit websites (yes, I mean YOU,
    * at the very least divert "under construction" websites to something useful

    No, get a grip and get the sites updated. It isn't hard.
  3. Oh, and don't try selling the TA by standing around on the High Street. People think "So that's what you do in the TA: spend Saturday afternoon standing around on street corners."
  4. Dont put recruits on a Recruitment stand. People would argue "Oh but they are still in training so its fresh in their heads"... But when they start walting about what they did on weekend five at Warcop or how many million rounds of blank they fired it Bores potential recruits. Get the RRTT to deal with recruitment. I suggested having a similar idea to reg bn's by having a dedicated recruiting team!
  5. Get the kit out - blokes LOVE handling Sniper rifles, even the SA80 optics are a rich seam of amusement.

    Get the TI out and tune it so that you can see the outline of womens underwear.
  6. Steady on BB your getting excited.

    Yep, get the kit out and let people play with it.
  7. Its true I did a taster day with the marines and one of the stands was on the range with SA80's converted to .22 calibre and while you waited there was a room with all the weapons they use the from the 9mm browning to the GPMG to the sniper rifles and range finders great fun taking the sniper rifles outside and aiming at people
    So I reckon either A) get the kit out and let people play or B) taster days i dont know if this is done already but they are great fun and a relativly easy way iof putting across the best points of your unit.
  8. I agree with bad crow , why send sproggs ? the same go be said for sending welfare cases
    hardly the type of blokes you want to send the ''Army is good'' message to potential
    recruits .My unit always sends the knobbers and the sickies to the RIT , i am not
    bitter who wants to home for a few weeks posing around town with my gongs
    impressing the local females .
  9. Freshly trained soldiers are only good for one thing and that is relaying a true and up to date account of what CMS(R) is like, this is specifically why they only get used as "satisfied soldiers" in the ACIO's

    Much better to get someone to tell it as they have seen it and nothing more, when probably the most daunting thing about joining for most people is the actual training.

    However, the true recruiters are ones that can stand on a soap box, sell ice to the eskimoes and ones that can work under the pressure of rejection whilst still keeping a smile for the next punter.

    But above all, they have to be willing or they wont have anything like the passion required a prodcut that they really believe in!
  10. My old TA unit has a dedicated recruiting team. If they do need extra people to do the stand bit at open days and fairs etc they always send experienced people with at least a couple of stripes
  11. Thats how it should be, the auld addage "ambassadors" should be a priority, they should be the face of the unit and should resemble the sort of people in terms of image and professionalism that you are trying to attract ;)
  12. Ok, well lets name names.

    1. Salisbury ACIO, took a friend in on a Saturday(she works all week) the place was full of TA, they tried to get her to join, even though she is adament that its a different job she's after and then take her details promising weakly to get someone from the ACIO to call her. Still waiting...

    2. RMP officer recruiting, messages left with a PA, promises a call to a very keen potential recruit. Several weeks later..NFTR.

    Not good enough.
  13. Just got a PM from a poster who wishes to remain anonymous (fair one as he is quite well known and his unit would be instantly recognisable). I post this here not as a whinge, but as an example of exactly HOW NOT TO DO IT:

  14. Oh, oh! I recognise that one; except you leave a message and they never call you back. When you finally do get through the promised letter doesn't turn up (that's twice now). Or they leave it until two days before the actual event.....

    Put it this way, if this was a company I was trying to use I would have gone to a competitor long ago.
    Unless it's some kind of weird initiative/persistance test. Do I get my free lolipop?

    Who'll be on the phone again on Monday... :(
  15. msr

    msr LE


    Name and shame them!