How not to Modify your Audi Engine

Class, just read the Audi tread is a class REME VM???

Englishspringer said:
Follow the link to have a real rib tickling laugh :D

Edited to give credit for the link to John (Ian) Sinclair
For sale 12 lb of sand only 1/2 the bag used "Wancar" obviously never been in the army on AFV's in hot sandy places he might have realised then again do they still have those little honda apu engines in warrior? maybe his m8 was in LOL :?
Stupid CNUTS
This is a real thread, but not on that forum.

It started in Audizine over 2 years ago but keeps resurfacing on other forums.

Apparently the original thread was real, and sand was poured into the intake, but its been passed around the forums ever since just for amusement.......


That had to one of their own winding them up.
got to be a wind up?!fcuking hell!!!wtf!!!he doesn,t deserve to own a fcuking car and his mate needs fcuking with a sledge! 8O
Erm, so what exactly does 'porting' mean then? I thought that it sounded like a reasonable enough way to sand the engine down? why wouldn't it work?



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