How NOT to land a Citation!.

Says the clips not available mate.

Is it the one where the guy videos a Citation landing downwind and then runs off the runway into the lake (the Citation, not the bloke). The aircraft, after being evacuated (pilot fails to shut the aircraft down) then spends ten minutes on its own doing a hovercraft impression across the lake?
Heres the accident report

If I remember correctly, the pilot wasn't correctly licensed to fly that type in the US. A bit of a shite storm occured after the incident.

Heres the NTSB report

Pilot said his brakes weren't working properly.

Apart from trying to land down wind, the airport stating ""Arpt CLOSED to jet traffic" and the required landing distance required for the Citation with a 10 knot tail wind being 3,570 feet and the airport only having 2,948 foot and after the accident, he didnt secure the aircraft, it was a good day out.

I don't think he's flying anymore. :roll:
I remember watching that one. Shame the report doesn't go into any detail about his antics in the water though as I'd love to have read the cockpit transcript.
There was a similar case in the UK a few years back. A biz jet landed in a rain storm at Southampton and skidded off the end of the runway and onto the M27. Miraculously there were no major injuries, other than a white van driver who sh*t himself inside out :D
I cannot remember whether he landed downwind - I think he did.

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