How not to do a wing-over...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. US Army AH64 proving that skill v experience - common sense = a) a lucky escape, b) a short flying career.

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  2. Holy shit! The guy (at 00:25) next to where it first spanked in hit the deck fast, or was he blown over?
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

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  4. This guy?


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  5. Bet that was a meeting sans biscuits!
  6. Is that the Stabilator parting company with the aircraft in front of the guy in question? Exit stage right...
  7. Wasn't Harry w being a bit keen to get back was it?
  8. Yep. I think he was trying to use it as a snow plough.
  9. Marshaller's fault. Simple.
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  10. Wasn't supposed to be funny, but that was hilarious.
  11. Christ Almighty. Did they both walk from that?
  12. So where is that ski resort again? Looks nice!
  13. Could have been worse. He could have struck a HV powerline in Suffolk for example. Ooh wait a minute, that one's already been done.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It's not an RAF landing site
    The lack of ski lift gives it away
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Shh dont mention ski lifts the Italians are still a bit touchy!
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