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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rogue_Entity, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    This is probably a stupid question but...

    I am off for basic training at the beginning of February, and having got some good advice from reading previous threads am pretty much all set on what to take but how much can I take?

    I guess what I mean is, is it like one large suitcase or is a holdall better etc...

    Also is it better to get my folks to take me and have my mother crying or get the train? lol

  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was advised when I did my basic at RAF Swinderby back in 84 to take a lockable suitcase & also a couple of padlocks.You'll probably get issued a Army grip so you'll need a padlock for that.Dont take a flimsy holdall as it might get ripped.(keep the keys in your wallet (get one with a zipped compartment for these & some loose change)
    or on a ootlace around the neck.Mind you,one lad had his keys on a bootlace tied around his ankle & then tucked into his sock.
  3. you get issued 2 army grip bags

    take 3 decent sized padlocks + 1 combination lock.. so u dont have to worry about losing keys
  4. yeh and dont use your last 3 as the code
  5. Whatever you take ensure you take a fcuk off huge padlock. There's bound to be some scousers on your intake and they'll rob you blind.
  6. And don't leave your locker key with the DS (it stops them sniffing your grollies) :D
  7. When you say decent sized do you mean the size that you would put on your garden shed type size?

    I don't what to get to basic and the lock not fit on the locker... lol

  8. Decent size as in not going to be bust open by an eight year old mate.



    or this


    But not this


    or this


    With regards to the bag/suitcase issue.....

    As long as it fits your stuff take what you want. The Army will issue you one or two massive holdalls anyway so it's a one way trip for your suitcase mate.

    Good luck :thumright:
  9. Much appreciated :thumleft:

  10. lol ive just brought 3 of these [​IMG]
  11. I took a big holdall when I went for the start of basic.

    You'll get issued a black day sack and two big black holdalls, on my long weekend, (halfway) I took my holdall back home as the two black holdalls they issue with are good enough.

    All the best.
  12. rogue,where u starting basic, what date, and what job choice?
  13. Pirbright, 2nd week of Feb.
  14. is this ok to take to basic????


    as this is what ive brought
  15. Cheeky fcuker, not all us scousers are on the rob!! some of us prevented it - we kept our hands in our pockets :thumleft: