How much?!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Timpatient, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. They look lovely!
    And the knees are reinforced with 3"wide printed multicam Nylon webbing.
    Piccie shows what happens to printed nylon webbing after a few weeks light wear.
    £660? Worth every penny!!
  2. Not *******
  3. I'll have 3 pairs please!!

  4. [​IMG]

    He could probably afford a couple of pairs to look Ally. Yeah, I saw these and laughed. Bloody clever though, these trousers have a Professorship of cunning from Cambridge. For the latest in Gucci pants I'd probably look at these cheeky little suckers...

    Combat Pants AC
  5. For the latest in Gucci pants I'd probably look at these cheeky little suckers...

    Combat Pants AC[/QUOTE]

    Obviously you're still feeling the full ring sting of an unlubricated arse rape from the salesman on these trousers too. But at £113.00 each you get to have 5.8 shiny pairs for the same price. Does anybody own anything from Arc'teryx LEAF range? Do they play the Canadians at the same wage as a UAE Floppie Prince?
  6. Nope and I'm clearly not going to at those prices ... "BERRY Compliant" seems to be a legal buy-USA requirement from 10 USC 2533a:

    And, no, Canadians were, last time I worked with them, slightly worse paid than we were (although on better benefits.)

    Edited - just because a politician is a gurning fool, it doesn't mean he's the right gurning fool.
  7. Yeah, but Arc'teryx is a Canadian Company. That's why I asked. That BERRY bollocks is yet more American protectionist rubbish. Probaby why they cost £600 rather than £60.
  8. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    There's bound to be an airsofting geek that will pay that sort of money for a pair of trousers. Me? I'd rather spend it on something useful. Maybe a new heater matrix for my car or something.
  9. Or at that price, the actual car.