How much would you let someone sh@g your OH for?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Boogie, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Was going to post this on Rearparty but thought it better suited to Arrse!

    We have been discussing this in the office today and have had mixed responses from 'nothing they can have a go for free' to a million pounds!

    So how much would you let someone do your Mr/Mrs for?
  2. Free if it was another bird!!
  3. would we be watching? joining in? these of course would lower the price that they would pay. (apparently)
  4. Not wed any more but i'd have given him away and thrown in a 6 pack of beer!!! Non-returnable policy though
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    There is no price on Mrs B_S ... she is beyond price, and the rest of you can dream on.

    [Just in case she ever reads this!]
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Packet of smokes and a beer would just about convince me.
  7. are we allowed to watch?
  8. Depends. If it was a certain Miss Jolie (or any fit bird really) I'd let drink from my wifes furry cup for free.

    However anyone else would have to pay the keeper. £100 an hour plus costs and incidentals should cover it.

    Edited 'cos my fingers are to fat!!!
  9. Are you putting your other half up for bids?
  10. Not unless you fancy a bit of man on man Filbert lol?!

    Thinking like an Indecent Proposal Situation....
  11. how about yourself then? how much are you going for?
  12. HHmmm well saving for a deposit on a house at the moment so any fair offer would do lol!
  13. great stuff, stick a pic in the gallery and we could get a bidding war going!
  14. lol already did that ages ago think you commented too cant remember was red t-shirt holding a pint of guiness anyhow back to the question how much for your OH?
  15. They could have her for a pint.

    If it's her fit housemate and I could watch then I suppose I could let it go for free.

    If they don't want the missus permenantly then i'd probably have some rule on hygiene/barriers as I don't want to stir someone else's porridge. I know, fecking poof...