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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Suddick, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. When I was naught but a nipper I remember watching Blue Peter with my father when they showed something about the maintenance of the BBMF. I asked him why, if the Spitfire was such an excellent aircraft, they didn't build it anymore.

    His answer was around technology change and the cost of tooling and I thought he meant 'tools' and dwelt on that 'til I knew better.

    So, moving on, I have a dream (unfulfilled) of being a multi-billionaire and wonder how much it would cost me to build from scratch a Second World War aircraft like a Spitfire, Mosquito or Lancaster.

    Given that those enthusiasts (looneys) have recently built a steam engine bottom up, why can't I, when my ship comes in, do this?
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    Gren, If you're going to pick people up about post quality, at least use the fucking "quote" button properly. :roll:
  4. Cheers for that mongboy. I posted this for the grownups, not the woodentops.

    Why don't you fcuk off back to the NAAFI and write about ring dhobi like you do in the rest of your dull posts.
  5. I hit the quote button, and thats how it came out, what more can I say? ;)

  6. Mongboy? who is the one dreaming of building a Lancaster ffs?
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    "I must try harder", for a start.
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    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    On thread topic however, it would be ludicrously expensive, and beyond the dreams of most mere mortals. As an example, I recall an article in Performance Bikes, that got a £6000 ZXR750, and also priced up the same bike in component parts. The disassembled bike checked in at around £21,000. Now add several zero's to that, and that's what your looking at just to build the thing. And you'll never get to fly it.
  9. You could build pretty much any aircraft from scratch. Provided you have some drawings , a bottomless pit of money and skilled engineers, you will be able to do it.
    Sadly though, the CAA probably wont let you fly it. They dont seem to like replica aeroplanes at all. Or bombers in any way
    That is why you end up with real aircraft restored to "taxi " status, roaring down runways, not quite taking off because of some official fear of people having a little enjoyment.

    And for your delight and edification, here is a link for you to read about a similar idea
  10. Get the manual I quoted above.
  11. If you can't work out that it's all a dream then you really are a dullard aren't you. I had 'Dave' on in the background today and saw some elements of the Confederate Air Force and was just wondering. I came here because it is usually chocka with informed aircraft spods; not expecting to have to put up with a sad sack like you.

    Thanks Josey, I wouldn't have thought such a thing would exist. Looneys the lot of them.
  12. Tyres cost £350 each and are only good for 30 landings. The nose cone for a Spitfire costs £30,000 and is only made in one place - Germany.

    So I guess Dolfo Galland got his Spitfires in the end.