How much will i be away from home?

Im half way thru my app for joining the army, but im having second thoughts as i dont want to be away from home all the time. Anyone in the army.. how long have u been away for?


How old are you kiza?

It all depends on what you decide to do in the army, there are plenty of UK postings but they are mostly southern UK the rest is overseas. To be honest the best part of the army is postings overseas. The forces community is great. When overseas theres chances to get back, it depends on whether you want to spend the money on flights or ferries.

In the UK going home every weekend soon gets boring (as well as costing lots in fuel). You will find yourself doing other stuff with your new mates.

Op tours will depend on who you join or what trade you decide to take. Aim off with 1 or 2 tours every 2 years as a rough guide allthough this should get less once Telic folds.


You have to realize that you can't be dependent on a lifestyle revolving around your home for ever. Eventually you'll have to move away from the normal routine you're use to in order to progress in life, it's inevitable.

You'll soon grow and gain incredible amounts of independence and maturity by joining the Army, and not think twice about wanting to go home.
Kiz you suffered from Bipolar and have a history of self harm now you are asking about how long you will be away for. I joined the Army at 16 left home and other than short two or three week holiday periods I was very much away for 24 years.

You have said you were joining the TA did that ever happen? Have you ever really and I mean really thought about what being in the Army is all about, its not like the youth club where you can pop in and out or pick and choose what you want to do. Once you’re in your pretty much property of HM Armed Forces who will use and abuse you at their pleasure.

I think it might be time to step out of Kiz dream world and into normal reality
Kiza, having reviewed your previous posts, I see you have a background of depression, self-harm and bi-polar disorder. It now appears that you are also a candidate for chronic home-sickness.
I don't want to sound unsympathetic, but are you sure you're really cut out for a career in the Army?

Ain't going to happen. Go find another life. The military isn't going to be for you and I think you should accept it and move on.

Cbgramc talks the truth. Keep taking the pills.

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