how much will i be away for?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by monkey_hanger, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. After waiting 8 months for my defferal to end, i got the all clear today, But ive now had a girlfriend for abit over a year, and shes going to college in a few month, i really dont want to loose her due to being away too much, could anyone give me a little info on how long ill be away fro during trainign and then when i pass training, cheers
  2. If she's that important to you - and you to her - then she'll wait.

    Don't worry, Hartlepool lad!
  3. Bin her, you'll be beating them off with a shitty stick soon.
  4. Without stating the obvious. Try from day one. Also if she is going to College then she is moving away from you anyway. Oh and when you pass training do they have a camp in your home town? No, then the answer is...............dah dah dah..............all the time except for leave

    Top tip: If you are thinking about your bird and are worried about her being at college being single and having a good time with other single girls and yes blokes you will not pass training
  5. As said in a similar forum: Women = Dime a dozen.

    Have fun, you've got a great time lined up... It's called being young. :D

    If she's that special, she'll stick around. :D
  6. shag her thene bin her theres plenty more fish in the sea
  7. Basically mate, if she's worth it she can wait. If she has a pissy fit, let her go. Don't feck up your life and dreams like so many people have done and regretted because some lass has been in their head. Think of this as a test, if she IS worth it, she'll hold out. If she bails, then you weren't connected anyway.

    P.S your questions on the length of training etc you should have already got sorted out through research, you'll be in for a world of shit if you don't know when questioned.