Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArseyMO, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Right, I'm in Afghanistan, it's very boring and the Adjt has just asked THE question. I have said it's not possible, you'd be sick before that can happen, but with the benefit of his education he believes that it thins the blood preventing the uptake of oxygen and you therefore, technically, drown.

    I think that's b*ll*cks, but before shooting the young pup down, best check me facts!! Any ideas??
  2. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Given that Beer is mostly water and using it as a test substance, it's a given that by the stage of a high fluid intake is reached, a high fluid output is reached.

    The human body creates fluid equilibrium via the kidneys, too much water will result in increased urine.
  3. You can actually drown! (ish)
    What happens is that by leaching all the minerals and salts out of the body this causes an electrolyte imbalance and tissue swelling which can cause an irregular heartbeat and allow fluid to enter the lungs, hence you drown (sort of).

    Known as Hyponatremia a few party goers have died from this after drinking much too much water.

    As to how much you need. Depends on the person doing the drinking. If you are dehydrated and have no food it could mean that you can cause yourself problems with a relatively small amount of water.

    Try Googling Hyponatremia if you need facts and figures.
  4. I did read of the case of a girl in the UK who died as a result of drinking to much water. BUT...... this came as a result of taking the drug ectasy at a rave party. Under normal cirumstances I cannot imagine you would drink too much, as your body will react and you will be having to force yourself to drink more.

    If you are concerned you are not drinking enough water, look at the colour of your urine . Obviously darker means more dehydrated, almost clear well hydrated.
  5. I read about a mental patient who was certain that all his food was poisoned. He refused to eat, and drank 6-10 litres of water a day, until he died a few days later from water intoxication. The staff should have restricted his water intake, but were apparently unaware that it was so dangerous.
  6. You can drink yourself to death with water something to do with osmosis and electrolytes etc (All geek stuff) which is why I insist on Lager.... Besides which, I never drink water because fish f*ck in it the dirty little B'stards!
  7. Don't drink it, fish fcuk in isn't nice.
  8. I drink meths. It looks like water.
  9. or vodka

  10. Nice to see you’re still copy and pasting from other sites.
    see the post by IPR at 06-23-2002, 05:30 PM to see where she copyed it from :roll:

    doctrine/pentwyn it’s easy to tell when you’re copying from someone else, all I have to do is look for half decent sentence structure, spelling, and grammar to know you haven’t written it.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the Chinese or Vietnamese? used that one as a torture. They'd get a hose, stick it down his throat and pump water into his stomach until he died. They also use to jump on the chaps stomach to prolong the torture or if they felt like having a laugh.

    Not definate on it though.
  12. To clear it up,


    In case your basic human anatomy has slippe from memory, when you drink water it enters your STOMACH

    When you breath, you use your LUNGS. Only when your lungs fill with water, can you drown.

    Therefore in the normal course of drinking water, you cannot drown.

    You can however succumb to a chemical imbalance brought on by exagerated osmosis.

    As an aside, you can also die from ingesting to much lettuce. If memory serves, the lethal limit is around 14 heads of lettuce.
  13. Your joking right? Lettuce?

    I knew about the too much water thing but that, if true, is a new one on me.