How much tax DOES Al Fayed pay?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Aye.

    Also in a previous, now locked thread, a member posted that Harrods had changed their policy on uniforms being worn into the store, on closer probing this proved NOT to be the case, the original poster has asked that the now locked thread be unlocked so the discussion can continue.

    Further it was suggested Mr Al F had links/dealing/supported the ABF. Conversation with ABF this afternoon went something like this..

    ABF: ABF can I help you?
    Me: Yes can you please clarify the charitable donations made to the ABF by Mr Al F of Harrods?
    ABF: Pardon?
    Me: I was lead to believe he had donated in the past to the ABF...
    ABF: heheheheheeeheheehhehe....
    Me: Sorry, have I been misinformed?
    ABF: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH........ Yes, very good!
    Me: Sorry?

    I think they thought it was a crank call. I'm still not sure if Mr Al F has indeed any charitable links with the ABF, but given the tone of the call I'm doubting it. :roll:

    Beebs x
  2. Isn't this the sort of thing they got Al Capone on?

  3. Well there are two things that need to happen I believe - either they issue a public statement stating that uniform can be worn, or we go back to the topic off boycotts.

    PTP - in the interests of debate and keeping all this stuff in one thread can you reopen the now closed thread please.

    I'm going to start a poll up separately.
  4. Any chance of you Pming me the number of the people you spoke to, they need correcting before it inlfuences whether this chap donates again.

    If true, bad form on the part of ABF

    Look at the list of donators......

    He / they haven't barred soldiers, they have merely stated that they are not to wear Combat 95s, why anyone would want to bimble down there in uniform is beyond me anyway.

    The MOD restrict where you can go in uniform, why aren't they attracting the same heat?

    Pathetic guys, really hope that if you are silly enough to contact the Fayed Empire, you do it with your own details and not as a spokesperson from this site, as you clearly do not have the opinion of the masses behind you.
  5. Mr Al Fayed does however give a lot to charidee.
  6. And forces charities....

    Am penning a letter to the ABF, am genuinley saddened that an ABF operator would conduct themselves like that.
  7. Please let us know what they say MDN. Obviously they need to correct their official website?
  8. Do you think he only donates to homeless who aren't ex forces too?

    Proper cnut this fella eh?

    Sometimes you vile vultures make me sick.
  9. MDN both numbers where taken directly from their websites. :)

    Beebs x
  10. For what it's worth Harrods do allow the Poppy Appeal to collect in store every year. As you can imagine charities fight hard to get slots within the store because of how lucrative it can be.
  11. So why is this paragon of virtue based in Geneva?

    Sounds like MDN has not rad the links I've posted above.

    I'd also bet that the figures quoted originate from sopurces close to Al Fayed.

    BTW, is he actually Al Fayed?
  12. Whilst certainly not seeking to defend MAF (I think he is an arrogant cnut of the first order) he is far from unique in "sheltering" his empire offshore...

    For example, Philip Green (Arcadia and BHS) and Richard Branson (Virgin) are based in Monoco and BVI respectively, and the "owners" pay little UK tax.
  13. No, he isn't. But it is pretty insignificant stuff - like the present vogue for double barrelled names forged out of two perfectly serviceable single ones.

    I am no Fayed fan and do not visit Harrods - I think he is going off the rails a bit by railing against Phil the Greek and Bigears. He is however enjoyably eccentric and I expect that Harrods would be even more of a puffed-up, arrogant department store without him - there would be less of a sense of humour and the tacky self-parody at least!

    It would appear that he is however extraordinarily generous and we should acknowledge this with good grace and some gratitude. A lot of people are offshored, and it has the useful property of ensuring that they only spend a limited amount of time in the country.

    MDN is right on this one - there are better people to lay into than the Phoney Pharaoh.
  14. Good for them, if you had an opportunity to pay less tax would you? I know I would.

    At the end of each tax year, there is nothing I hate more than writing the inland revenue and Customs and Excise a fat cheque.

    Bravo Bravo...... the very second I am in a position to pay someone to give me advice on how to pay less tax (ie moreso than a regular accountant, you can rest assured I will)