How much soldiering do the Int. Corps do?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by P-Ride, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping to take my AOSB fairly soon, so am considering regiment options.

    I think I have a rough idea about what 'Intelligence' entails, in terms of human intelligence, dealing with imagery and intercepted information etc.

    My question is, 'Do the Int. Corps do any soldiering?'

    There are several considerations that have led me to believe this may be the case:

    - Firstly, a Sgt. Major from Rifles I spoke to at my first meeting in a recruitment office - who had served in Northern Ireland - explained that when he was on patrol, an intelligence soldier/officer would be with his section to provide hands-on intelligence.

    - Secondly, Sir Mike Jackson was an Intelligence Officer, but later became a Para Officer. Is this common? I'm assuming he had to take P-Company, but he must have learnt something useful in Intel. to get into the regiment.

    - Thirdly are the reconnaissance roles played by Pathfinders and SF. I'm assuming that a number of intelligence soldiers/officers must make it into SF, due to their specialized abilities in these roles? If so, surely they must have some decent battlefield experience?

    In short, I am very interested in the Int. Corps – but would like some element of soldiering in a career, even if it is less than the infantry. Is this possible?

  2. You are a little confused and a spook may be along to help shortly. But infantry and other units have "intelligence" sections with an Intelligence Officer. Not the same as Int Corps which operates at Div level and above and does other tasks. But they are not James Bonds and they do not go to paras or sf at all although they do support sf as you would expect. You need to get on PM terms with an operator but he may not tell you too much.
  3. Interesting. So would an Intelligence Officer in an infantry unit be trained by the Int. Corp, then moved into a Inf. Unit - or would they go straight into Inf. and be picked for this particular role?

    This really is important information that I am very interested in - as it will have a large effect on the regiment I apply for. Any further assistance either here on by PM would be very much appreciated, and - naturally - discrete.

  4. Day to day and as an Officer, not really. Are there opportunities? Yes, some. If you want to soldier join the Infantry. With regard to Gen Jackson, he transferred to the Parachute Regiment after University and hardly spent anytime with the Int Corps. Transferring is possible but I would get on a visit to Chicksands to find out if the Int Corps is for you.
  5. And am I correct in understanding that General Sir Mike Jackson started as an Intelligence Officer, then later became a Para Officer?
  6. I'll have you know Duffdike that we have had at least two 007 Bonds in the Intelligence Corps to my knowledge. You are totally and utterly wrong, the Int Corps (see that P-Ride, it's the correct abbreviation) at all levels of command, do have a Para Int Section and have had members who have worked with SF as well as providing Intelligence Support.

    P-Ride, please read the threads at the top of the forum, there is plenty of intelligence to be found there.
  7. Sorry, posted that message before I saw yours monster. I will be going on a reg. visit, but these are reserved for post-AOSB applicants, due to demand.
  8. I am aware that the airborne brigade also has an int cell manned by the Int corps. But the poster is hopelessly confused between Int Corps, Int Corps support to field formations, secondments and transfers to paras etc and int sections in units. I will leave you to explain it to him.
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  10. From my time in NI, as part of the int community my answer to your question is that the Int Corps do not do as much soldiering as they would lead you to believe but they do make a valuable contribution to the preservation of soldiers' lives.
  11. Yeah. And in Belize they used to give the updates on the clap state of the girls at the Big C and Rauls Rose Garden. Never has a more valuable contribution to the preservation of soldiers ever been made.
  12. Never, in the field of Arrse conflict, was so much bollocks spouted to so many, by so few. :)

  13. by the way duffdike - love your new tag. saves a lot of time, having a variety instead of just "O2 Thief" :)
  14. As much as I would have liked to have been at the coalface of gaining this information, I think you will find the job that you refer to was done by Monkeys. Perhaps you have become confused because we shared a mess with them in Airport Camp.
  15. @ CR And my post is wrong how? Or are you just being provocative for the sake of it. Cretin.