How much screech is fatal?

I was clearing out the attic and found the remnants of some rat packs. Got rid of the tea bags and arabic mars bars, and thought it wise to dispense with the Primula cheese.

Got about nine sachets of screech, though. I was thinking of mixing the whole lot up, as I barely remember what it tastes like (was it like a liquid sherbert fountain?)

My cousin is a dietician and she said she heard of a woman dying from an electrolyte balance after drinking too much diet Coke.

Anyone think too much screech might be instantly fatal?
Just put it all straight in your mouth and swallow.
Post results on here.
I've got some cracking photos from Herrick of crafties I bullied into snorting the ratpack lucozade "screech-lite" powder drinks.

If it had been the proper ish I have no doubt there would have been fatalities.
You know that scene in Trainspotting where Renton dives down the bog?
Irvine Welch based that on his time in the 1st Battalion Glaswegian Highlanders (V) where mainlining a Screech heroin fastball was the drug of choice.
With the assistance of 9 sachets of screech, 4 bars of Turkish Delight and a vile of poppers I could invade any country single-handed. I would also spontaneously become diabetic.


I found screech once in the supermarket - the Mrs thought I was nuts.

I think there was only me that bought it though because it never got replaced.
Ok, it's not as easy as I thought. Maybe it's really old and denatured or something, but it won't dissolve (see photo). It came out of the sachets in huge lumps and is just sitting in the bottom of the glass.

I tried eating and drinking some, but it's kind of disappointing - tastes like Skittles to be honest.

I only used the orange ones so far. I have a couple of lemons. I'll try snorting it tomorrow when my wife has gone out.



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