how much phys per pint?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by EX_STAB, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. How much phys of various types do I need to do per pint of beer consumed? :)

    Semi serious question. Does running up hills make much of a difference, it tends to be slower after all... ?
  2. Thats probably one of the most ridiculous questions Ive ever seen on here and fecking hell theres been a few!!

    If your structuring your fitness around how many pints of ale your drinking, then you have a serious problem!! FFS every gym session, evey run, every tab, you should be pushing yourself to your limit. Stick to that and it wont matter about the pints-training ratio as you will be maxing out on every session anyway.

  3. It wasn't that serious. I'd just been out doing some phys and was then going to the pub. made me wonder how much of the good I was undoing. Chill! :)
  4. Very much chilled mate, I just found it a daft question.

    If I were to offer a semi serious answer, it would be that alcohol in moderation will not affect your physical performance, however beer is a usless nutrient that doesnt benefit your body in any way, will dehydrate you and will store as fat.

    The other way of looking at it however, is that a few beers will both relax you and put you into a longer, deeper sleep. As this is the period when your body recovers, thats obviously going to benefit you.

    A similar example would be Arnold Schwarrzeneger. He used to have a canabis joint after a hard weights session, which both relaxed his body and put him into a deeper sleep during which time his body would repair and grow (and not Im not saying you should go and get stoned!!) :eek:)
  5. Just a FYI, alcohol hinders protein synthesis and will lead to a increase time in recovery. It also hinders nutrient absorption.
    I would say a few pints here and there won't kill you though and you've got to be sociable at the end of the day (or your a lonely **** ;) ).
  6. ~200 Kcals in a pint of beer? Bit more if it's lager? You're just making your life a little bit harder. Depending on your build and fitness that's probably a 1.5 mile jog :)

    Perhaps do what the folks at WeightWatchers do - stick to clear spirits and low calorie mixers! (and ask for a straw and a cocktail umbrella, you're worth it).
  7. Before or after the reach around request?
  8. Difficult question. Getting arseholed on a regular basis is fun but it does nothing for your health or fitness. Alcohol is stored as fat so therefore its simple you get fat. An early morning run after been out on the piss will help this, however sticking to low calories drinks as gay as it is most beneficial. However getting arseholed once so often is probaly better.
  9. As a rule i'd say 1 pint = 1 mile, although if your going uphill maybe slighty less.

    good thread by the way funniest thing i seen this afternoon
  10. Where the bloody hell do you get that logic from? Most of the familiar faces on here would be Marathon runners if that were the case... if they ran.
  11. There is no logic to my it makes an easier figure to work with than 1.5 and plus means i can safely have 3 pints then run the lap of the village

    And I doubt half of them can run anymore....its those issue daps :wink:
  12. I'm going to be a maths mong now...

    Based upon tables from

    If C = calories burned, S = speed in mph, T = time in minutes and W = weight in pounds

    C = (WT (0.7304 S + 0.1447))/60)

    OR, if you prefer using speed in "How many minutes does it take me to run a mile?" = S

    C = (WT (-0.6303 S + 10.959)/60)

    Example: if you weigh 180lb, and do a 9' BPFA (10mph, 6' per mile), you will burn (180*9(-0.6303*6+10.959))/60=approx 190kcal. Running for 1 hour at 10 min/mile at 180 lb = (180*60(-6.303*10+10.959))/60 = approx 840kcal.

    Considering that 1 pint is about 200 calories... thats a lot of pints you can have!

    ::maths geek mode off::
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    There was a semi-serious debate about this on the fell-runners website. Long distance runners tend to have a very symbiotic relationship with decent beer. It's isotonic, packed with electrolytes and vitamin B12, and gives you 250 calories or so a pint. If you're running once or twice a day and doing 60 miles a week, you've got to get those extra 6000 calories a week from somewhere convenient. At my weight I burn about 100 calories a mile. A recent US study (amazingly) showed that people who run longer distances tend to drink more beer.

    My own rule of thumb for over 30 years has been 1 pint for every 2 miles. This works pretty well up to about 15 miles, but by then I don't care that much.
    I did try a tee-total season in 1981, but it didn't work.