How much of the time is spent doing academic subjects?

Hi, as suggested by my earlier posts I am looking at going to Harrogate in September 2018 and at the careers office I was told I would also do English and Maths while I was there, But my question is how much of a week would be spent on these subjects would it be every day or just once a week?


May I suggest that you ask your recruiter, many of us on here are now too far out of the loop to give a current and realistic update but I went through Harrogate AFC's predecessor IJLB and not only was education a necessary subject in the military syllabus for promotion prospects it also provided a blessed relief from marking time on the square or cross country running. I went there fairly well educated and thought it would be a breeze. I was wrong they would challenge your knowledge to get the best they could from you. Maths and English are vital in the modern world and are he replacement for the military writing course to ensure you can communicate clearly and effectively.
All I would say is that while the education part of Harrogate wasn't popular with the soldiers in my Company, whenever I ran into them later they all to a man and woman said 'thank heavens we did all that education stuff' because it meant they were better qualified than their peers. On at least two occasions I was told that the ex Harrogate soldier had been the only one on a JNCO cadre who had he required quals for promotion and hence was promoted sooner as a result.

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