How much of our home logistic and infrastructure base should be outsourced.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Economic pressures are creating more and more pressure to be focussed on our Home Base infrastructure with a view to outsourcing military posts to civil contractors.

    Whilst in "business" terms this may seem an attractive, no brainer, means of saving military manpower, reducing training capitation rates and doing away with accomodation/family facilities. There is a critical level beyond which our home based personnel must not ne allowed to fall. Taking their strenth below the irreducible minimum will cause untold damge to our ability to sustain operational effects in the long term.
  2. Home grown REMF mercenaries?

  3. This seems like a similar view that Jim30 had that the CS could replace soldiers and that (like this idea) was utter bollocks. It ALWAYS appears the cheaper in the short term, then a couple of years down the road it all goes pear shaped but the bloke who signed the contracts has moved on and so it's somebody elses problem to sort out.
    There is also the apparent savings made with things like the accomodation/family facilities from the MOD budget but still gets funded by the taxpayer via council houses and things for those who don't earn much working for the civvie firm.
  4. The problem is that we are not actually that good at outsourcing. Every time we hand over a service to Contractors we end up getting a worse provision than we had before. I also doubt if we actually save much, if any, money because our immediate response is to put in a layer of management and administration to ensure that the Contractor is delivering. On paper we have shifted jobs out of MOD but I very much doubt if the actual head-count and cost has decreased if the total cost of the contract and the MOD staff administering it are combined. What we have actually done is isolate the user from the delivery mechanism and the decision makers.
  5. Don't forget when the MOD needs something fractionally outside of the contract the company charges a fortune knowing the MOD doesnt have much of a choice.

  6. You don't work in Bicester do you?
  7. Shall we tell them now and save wasting our breath down the line.
    It will work if everything goes to plan, like it always does with the Army (Tongue in cheek).
    It won't work if the MoD starts doing things differently 12 months after implementation (Having already signed a 35 year contract to do it the old way).
    It won't work if they give it to the cheapest bidder (Obviously employing non english speaking immigrants for below minimum wage).
    It won't work if they allow the under qualified university slackers, who couldn't get a well paid job, to manage and negotiate the contracts (Just like every IT system, Vehicle and Aircraft and Accommodation project over the past 25 years.
    So I guess it won't work!!!!