How much of a Cad are you?

How much of a Cad are you?

  • A you are a pragmatic, caring soul who would make a lovely househusband;

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  • B you are a gooey romantic, destined to fail in your amorous endeavours;

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Whilst perusing the information superhighway I spotted this little quiz in one of the publications aimed at the lower end of the market.

In order to gain an insight into the levels of caddishness amongst the denizens of Arrse, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to post said quiz.

Read the questions and then please vote in the poll.

How much of a cad are you?

1. You are dining with a female companion at a prominent table at The Wolseley. An attractive waitress approaches. She asks whether you would like to hear the specials? Do you:

a) Politely decline? You know what you're having...

b) Say yes? And then choose a dozen oysters for both of you...

c) Suggest that both waitress and companion repair to your townhouse where they can read the "specials list" to you in more comfortable surroundings?

2. You have been on three dinner dates with the same girl. She has exhausted your interest. How do you tell her it's over? Do you:

a) Meet at a café, where you let her down gently, citing commitment issues and a wish to "find yourself"?

b) Send her flowers, champagne and a card, thanking her for "the good times"?

c) Fail to return her calls?

3. There are some difficult clashes in your summer diary. Your mother is relying on you to accompany her to the Hampton Court Flower Show, but you have promised a girlfriend that you will take her to Henley on the same day. Do you:

a) Persuade the girlfriend to join you and your mother at Hampton Court, and then take everyone out for dinner? b) Telephone your mother to tell her that you can't take her to Hampton Court. You wouldn't normally abandon her, you explain, but you think this girl might be "the one"?

c) Leave both women in the lurch and head to the Hotel du Cap for the weekend with an old flame?

4. A female friend is worried about her younger sister, who has become interested in boys, drinking and smoking, and is in danger of failing her A-levels. The friend asks you, as a man of the world, to travel to her sister's exclusive girls-only boarding school, and persuade her to mend her ways. Do you:

a) Decline? You feel it would be inappropriate for someone outside the family to intervene...

b) Agree? You tell the miscreant teenager that if she's very, very good, you'll take her to a Lily Allen concert...

c) Bite your friend's hand off? You turn up at the girl's school in a convertible MG, tell the teenager to keep up the good work, and invite yourself to the night's pyjama party and pillow fight...

5. Your girlfriend of the moment takes her opportunity, on 29 February, to propose. You are not so keen. Do you:

a) Kiss her and tell her you're flattered, but it's a big step, one you both need to think about carefully?

b) Feel pressured into saying yes, and then order a large bottle of champagne?

c) Laugh in her face, and then call her a taxi?


A you are a pragmatic, caring soul who would make a lovely househusband;

B you are a gooey romantic, destined to fail in your amorous endeavours;

C You are a card-carrying cad and are to be congratulated Sah!.


Great, although the days of me scoring C's are gone!


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Excellent, although likewise, the days of me scoring at all are unlikely!
The current Mrs. Gallowglass informs me that I am by nature inclined towards C, but for appearances sake I make overtures towards A, whilst laughing uproariously at B.

Of course, none of this seemed to bother the assorted wenches, harlots, and nymphomaniacs I knew before the current Mrs. Gallowglass... 8O
To be a true Cad & a have to have style.

To be able to say, "You're an absolute shawwwer!" Needs style and aplomb.

Let's hear it for TT...the archtypical Cad! :D

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