How much money?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jamie_Mayer, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm Hoping to join the Royal Engineers, (got my eye test booked for saturday) and i was just wondering if anybody could give me a rough estimate of how much money i need to put aside to buy all the stuff on the kit list that comes with the J.I's as money is a bit tight at the moment.

    Cheers lads
  2. u get a kit list of things u need for basic, and the most expensive thing u need to buy is probably an iron or a suit, everything else costs a few quid.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't know if they still do this but when I attested they gave me some money (£10 in 1981) which was to pay for those things and buy a cup of tea/bun in the train.
  4. i copyed this off the the army site somewere

    National Health Service card
    P45 (if held)
    Birth Certificate
    Passport (You should obtain a passport before arrival )
    National Insurance card
    National Record of Achievement
    Most recent School Report
    Educational certificates: GCSE Certs/Slips (important)
    Driving Licence (if applicable)
    Bank Account details. All recruits must have previously opened a bank account prior to arriving at the College. All soldiers are paid by bank transfer only and those personnel without the necessary details may experience payment difficulties. (Important)
    Immunisation Record (can be obtained from your GP or previous school attended)
    Any Legal Orders relating to custody, change of name, etc.
    A strip of 4 recent “passport” type photos of you (from photo booth).
    Complete toilet kit (including nail scissors/clippers and a wet razor for men)
    Sewing kit, complete with khaki thread
    One large towel
    One set of respectable civilian clothes (smart - travel in these)
    One set of casual civilian clothes for wearing in barracks (Jeans etc)
    Nightwear (remember you will be sharing a room)
    Underwear (enough for 7 days)
    Swimwear (swimming trunks not shorts for men, and one-piece costume for women)
    Sports kit (Rugby/football boots, shin guards and gum shield - if you have them)
    Trainers/running shoes
    Sports underwear for male soldiers (not boxer shorts)
    Women must bring suitable sports brassieres and an efficient means of keeping hair in place (no scrunches)
    Flip flops or shower shoes
    Strong (wooden) coat hangers (between 6 and 10)
    Steam iron (if possible) and ironing board (not essential)
    2 x Padlocks (Chubb, Yale or equivalent)
    Boot/shoe brushes and polish (Black, Kiwi or equivalent)
    Writing paper, envelopes and stamps (for writing home)
  5. Mine so far has been the Iron was told to get a good one over £50. Lucky me Argos had a £79 one on sale for £50.
  6. set aside £200. simple as.
  7. Cheers bud, i think you just hit the nail on the head there... thats more or less what i was after.
  8. How do you come up with this estimation ??????

    Most the things you require for basic training you probably have got anyway and just require a few extra bits that will be on your joining instructions. The things that Sparky has put up are about right but dont start buying things yet until you have passed ADSC selection as the JI's are different for the ATR's/ITC/AFC and ADC Bassingbourn, with some of them having a get you in pack with certain items like padlocks, bungees etc. As said the main thing to buy is a decent iron and hygeine stuff such as shower gels, razors etc.
    Dependant what you have already it shouldnt cost too much. I had a couple of applicants when recruiting who were totally skint and they managed a budget of around £20 to enable them to have the basics.

    Buggerall long time since they give us the queens shilling and a days pay when you attest, i think i got around £12 in 1987 but all you get now is BFH (bus fare home).
  9. lol 200??

    ive spent 50 quid and have more than enough than is on the list

    ive even got brasso for gods sake haha
  10. Wow Iron first time you said i was right, yay!
  11. I did say ABOUT RIGHT :wink: