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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hallveg, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday Infiltrator said

    "I must admit I prefer the ccok" 8O

    Now I think there are some things your boss should not tell you, what about you people is there a line in the sand you think your boss should not pass or is it all part of the caring sharing side of the forces?

    I for one didn't want or need to here him say that.....I feel cold.....and scared!
  2. This is a very interesting comment bearing in mind that you both went to the Swimming Baths together this morning and the thought of the pair of youse fat fcukers in Speedo's made a bit of sick come up.

    All this talk of c**k is not healthy.
  3. you should have come it was OAP for half price day
  4. Have you ever heard of the Eureka theorem? There would be nothing left except for blood after the Japs spot the pair of you and harpoon you. The thought of a attending a Swimming Pool with youse two is shocking. It'd be like appearing in a Bronski Beat video.
  5. I once had a conversation with an officer, whilst stood holding a pot of my own pi$$ in a CDT queue, about the Eureka thing:

    Officer "The ancient greeks had Archimedes and we get captain bloody G*****".

    Me "Archimedes, wasn't he the bloke who shouted urethra? (sic)

    Officer " yes that's right... all about water displacement".

    Was he being condescending or was he just being a thick cnut? I can't make my mind up.
  6. This is true I was there. It is not the thing that should be mentioned whilst trying to enjoy a meal. It disturbed me that much I could only manage one plate from the all you can eat buffet.
  7. I still did 2 and a bowl of soup and infiltrator did at least 5
  8. There's one of them bicep curling machines at t'gym I go to, and me and a mate where hurting ourselves on it. I've got this habbit of grunting, gurning and generally pulling a tw*ttish face when I lift weights, and after my last rep (accompanied by a particularly load 'Nnnggggghhaaaahhh' gasp, I turned to him and said 'You've just seen my cum face'.

    I haven't a farking clue why I did this, I just did.
  9. Fcuking whoa there Hallveg!" First of all this is completely out of context, I feel like Red Ken being misquoted in the Evening Standard all the time. However, even if it wasn't out of context and was said as written, then you still wouldn't have a chance you ugly fcuk!

    I saw you at the swimming baths eyeing up the old ladies with the hip replacment scars on their legs, and it's a sad fact that your tits bounced more than theirs! The only reason I left early was because I'd had the tip that the Japanese whaling fleet were on their way and I thought that discretion was the better part etc!

    Anyway, isn't it time we mentioned your rapidly thinning hair? You really shouldn't get your head wet anymore as it just shows off your scalp so much better. Perhaps you can take hair from your ears and paste it on your head, you freak!
  10. Nothing more unattractive than a fat, balding ginga. Repugnant.
  11. So in summary, the fellas at Northwood are plump, speedo wearing, balding or ginger, old, granny watchers with penís fixations.
  12. Balding and ginger
  13. That is very accurate, we are all indeed Fat wasters :D :D :D
  14. bolding???????

    changing your posts to avoid shite?

    bad form old boy
  15. So I can type good englund so what....