How much is this journalist paid?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. I spend 90 pence out of my hard-earned LCpl's meagre salary on the Telegraph most days, although I will admit to flirting with Murdoch's finest, the Grauniad and the Pink Lady when I have the time.

    So, it really gets me going when the prats they employ as journalists (on far more money than a LCpl gets) cannot even spell and sense check their copy!

    Three people must have looked at this; the journalist, the sub-editor and the chief editor. How on earth did this one get through to the streets?

    Body of RAF pilot found in Berlin forest

    Quoted here just in case they read Arrse and change it: :twisted:

    and breathe... :cry:

    Good drills however on the part of Mr Wilson, though! Well done, Sir! I salute you!

  2. They have half fixed it...

    The problem is in the schools to start with and the fact that newspapers (and the BBC when it comes to grammar) are so shoddy that bad English has now become acceptable.

    I really hate misuse of the apostrophe and as far as grammar goes things like:

    Something needs doing (it needs to be done)
    Somebody will be announcing or even worse is going to be announcing (he will announce)

    We are not all clever but we are all led by bad example
  3. Grammar is unfashionable in schools these days; it takes up valuable time which could be spent teaching kids about their rights :roll:
  4. "...teaching kids about their rights" is a bit out of date; now they are taught about their emotions and feelings.
  5. These are gerunds, i believe, and although I do not use this form if I can help it, I know that it is very much in use in Scotland and NI. I do agree with you though, it needs stopping.
  6. :)
  7. I doubt if any of them actually looked at it - they just ran it through the spell-checker and it came out OK!
  8. Litotes a LCpl - yeah right. :lol: :lol:

    Agree with the point though.
  9. I believe that " He needed killin" is still accepted as a valid defence in Alabama.

    ....but back to the story. If this bloke retired in 1984 why did he wait till 2005 to go looking for his mate ? The wall came down in '89 (?) so no problems wi ??th wandering about in the ost anymore
  10. The job I did for three years up until last Friday involved collecting the Aramark staff in Andover and taking them into Middle Wallop. For this I had to ensure I had all of their mobile telephone numbers to update them should I get caught in traffic.

    There were a large number of times when reading messages from the girls aged 18 to 25 that it took me several read throughs of the message to translate the text speak and very poor grammer into legible English.

    I received one message informing me that the girl concerned was not feeling very well and would have to be on the later transport. I couldn't understand what had been written, I showed it to my wife, she couldn't understand it and it took us about 5 minutes to work it out together.

    This is the generation that killed the English language.

    They will teach bad English to their children who will know no other way.
  11. The BBC and even the Sunday Times frequently mention 'safe haven'. I despair for the Empire.
  12. I've seen the following, committed by fully paid up NUJ members who are old enough to know better;

    "Hoards of people"

    "Marshal law was imposed"

    "They failed to pass mustard"
  13. BBC so called 'journalists' referring to 'Less people unemployed today than in recent years" Not 'fewer' then.

    The same hacks referring to 'backwards' not 'backward' when using it as an adjective. When we all know it can only be used in this way when being used as an adverb.

    Tut tut, what's the world coming to? Thought we were a forwards looking nation...
  14. Pass mustard? WTF?

    It is rampant apostrophe abuse that gets me. It is everywhere. Still, even that is small potatoes compared to text speak. Add to that the use of pretend gangsta (sic) terms.

    In 1993 I was pleased to get a B at GCSE English Langauge. I wondered what is needed for a B grade today?
  15. Does this mean that his plane was shot down after his remains were tracked down?

    A team of metal detectors eh, not a team using metal detectors?