How much is on line to all ranks nowadays?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Thai_exile, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. This is a serious question stemming from my reading of numerous threads over the past year or so that I have been with ARRSE. I left the Service in 1990 after serving 20 years or so, so I am very much out of touch with how things are done nowadays. The main bits of kit look more or less the same, MBTs, Small Arms etc, the humour, naturally, is as good as ever, but it seems to me there have been tremendous leaps forward in communication on the administrative side.

    For instance, DCI's and AGAIs, MML and other instructions and regulations were kept in the Orderly Room and had to be amended by hand by the orderly room clerks. I remember being issued with a new copy of "Staff Duties in the Field" for my studies which comprised of a pamphlet 1 inch thick and a stack of amendments 2 inches thick. Needless to say, I didn't complete the up-dating exercise.

    So my questions are: how much of this is now on line and directly accessible by all ranks, and has it made a big difference to the administration side of soldiering? A boring subject, I know, I am genuinely interested in hearing opinions. I hated it having to do it with a passion!
  2. Everything is online now. But because the screens are small, we like to print it off for easier reading!
  3. Thanks! Can any serving soldier log in from any computer or is it restricted to machines on base?
  4. It is restricted to machines on camp. You can access some things from a normal computer like the DLP.
  5. Seems there is a whole new range of acronyms to learn. :-D
  6. You can check pay statements online through ArmyNet. It's not of much use for anything else.
  7. DLP Defence learning portal.
  8. Did anything come of the idea to buy/replace/order clothing on-line?

    I ask as someone who was in and around the fringes of the puzzle palace when the idea was first mooted about 4 years ago. Not seen it in action though.
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    Having the pleasure of knowing you, this would be your best bet:

    Primark shop online
  10. Why,has Top Man folded????
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    Nothing in TopMan was folded.
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  12. Most JSPs (and almost all other publications) are online on DII. Many are available on the internet. Because I'm a sad bitch I have my most common (unclassified) publications on my iPad...
  13. There are actually a very small number of special "cards" or such like that allow you to access some things (like JPA) via the internet..never seen one though!

    There are also DII Laptops that can do 3G etc wireless connection to DII although these are generally restricted to G1 types or the CO etc. ******* useless they are too.

    Things like DINs, JSPs, DSPSIs are all issued online only now, except JSPs can be demanded in hard copies for exceptional reasons (we keep getting a catering one randomly?).

    When this unit "deploys", generally to some 1930s shit tip somewhere there's no access to DII (save the very crappy laptop connection) so things like discipline manuals, JSPs etc are taken burnt to a CD and used on a normal laptop.

    Has it made a big difference? Not really, although switched types can now look up allowances on their own workstation in the workshop etc and take the relevant paragraphs with them when they visit G1 to demand some money! The average soldier probably can't be arsed with it though
  14. B_AND_T

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    The hardest part of stuff being online is edumacting occifers that they don't need a hard copy. Something I battle with on a daily basis.
  15. I don't agree, a Dii laptop in conjunction with a standard wireless router was invaluable to me the last time I was down at Castlemartin. A good bit of kit in my opinion although I wasn't trying to chase a 3G signal.