How much is LOA in Australia?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by duginlikeanalabamatick, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Quick question. I'm one of the lucky ones going on EXP Long Look next week. Despite our best efforts the me the clerk and I couldnt find the LOA rates for OZ. Anyone know either what it is or where to look?
  2. When I went in 2006 it was roughly £3.00 per day.
  3. Name dropper
  4. It's fcuk all, in fact, you have 33% lopped off your pay for being a lucky cahnt!

    Bitter? Me? Toooo fcuking right!

  5. What? They can't do that to me can they? The fecking clerk failed to point that out if its true.
    £3 a day sounds about right.
  6. The new rates are on JPA/SPVA, I'll have a look tomorrow (because I'm obviously not in work now) unless one of you night shift wallahs/late workers can get onto the Defence Intranet thingy and find it out.
  7. Cheers Snail.
    JPA isnt working up at our gaff so most of my extensive research (5 mins in the Sqn office) was spent looking at JSP's.
  8. Feckin hell - sent on holidays with our hard earned tax and you want MOOOOORE!! :x :x :x I'm outraged :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Have fun :p :D
  9. Don't need allowances mate - the beer flows free in public fountains, pies are available at every shop and bikinis are dress of the day. Except on fat chicks - they serve the pies.