How much is a pint where you live?

As suggested by Ozduke in another thread.

I'm in Leicester and it ranges from £1.85 in the WMC's for lager through to about £4 for a guinness in some pubs. Average falls around the £2.50 mark.

How about the rest of you?

Edit: (TITLE) Changed 'beer' to 'pint' in order to help the simple minded who may find themselves giving the price of a tinnie round the local offy. Cnuts.
In the Moat bar on the outskirts of town where I normally drink it's £2.60 for a Guiness & £2.80 for Wifebeater & Magners.In the town it's nearer £3 for a pint but £3.20 for a pint of Wobbly.
1.90 to 2.80 depending on pub or club
4.10 Euros (£2.77) for a pint of Guinness / Smithwicks (Ale) in most pubs.

Bulmers (sold in the UK as Magners) and Largers tend to be 4.50 Euros (£3.05) to 4.80 Euros (£3.25) in most pubs.
spike7451 said:
In the town it's nearer £3 for a pint but £3.20 for a pint of Wobbly.[/quote]

FFS, I'd be skint by the 2nd!

It's about £1:75 for a beer where I am.

Wobbly, bring it on!
From 1.55 for a pint local bitter to about 2.80 for guiness
Lucky gits,

I live in a 'resort' type place, so they push the prices up. £3.50ish a pint, EASILY in summer.

Frequenting the same place to get known as a local hardly works too 'cos of the high staff turnover, nobody around long enough to remember you.
5Km (Approx: £1.73 in British terms) For a Pint of Finest Sarajevsko Pivo - Toceno - of course!

That's a Draught Beer for the unedumicated 8)
Between 2.10 - 2.60 For the usual shite. Strongbow, Guinness, Carling, Fosters...

2.90 for a Liquid Dickhead.

3.20 for a bottle of Magners, UK pint size.
'Bout $6 for a pint of cat vomit (in politer company, it usually goes by the name Budweiser.)
On average about S$15 a pint (@ 5 GBP) for the local brew of Tiger and an assortment of draft inc. Caffreys, Guinness, Speckled Hen...

440ml can of Boddies will set you back about S$6-7 in the supermarket (@ 2 - 2.30 GBP) :x Oh for a can of Thwaites :cry:

people, i'd like to remind you all that this information, while interesting, is fairly useless without a rough indication of where it is you are located....
At my local (in Denmark) it costs between 3.45 (local lager) and 3.80 (Guinness, Murphy's, etc.) for a pint.

If I feel like slumming it, I can buy 330ml bottles of lager, or shots for about 90p at my local dive (it's a great place really, just don't wear light colours because it shows the blood).

No alcohol (Far East - dry country) BUT if you know the members only club with the secret knock, it is possible to get a can of Tiger for about B$5.

Generally we drive to the nearest border crossing though, about 45 mins away, where a bottle of wine is B$15 and 12 cans is about B$12
In Oldham, I can't comment on larger but 90p in the "Hogshead" on Union Street, £1.10p in the local weatherspoons, £1.60-£1.85p in local pubs for Bitter. Don't know about town prices, But I suspect you'll spend £2.50p for a bottle of american pi55

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