How much improvement in 3 weeks?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Zarathustra, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. I'm off on a course at the beginning of Jan and it's pretty phys intensive. My CV is OK but I need to work on my tabbing endurance on the hills. I'm happy with the sort sort of exercises I need to be doing but what I'm not sure of is how much of a difference 3 1/2 weeks training will make.

    Can I expect to make much of an improvement over this short period?
  2. I suppose it really depends on how much improvement you hope to make. If you're in okay shape otherwise it certainly can't hurt (as long as you don't overdo it!). If nothing else, it's no bad idea getting your body used to carrying the extra weight, and your feet used to long tabs.
  3. Should be enough time, I did a 9 day course last year with intense phys and took a minute off my run time time and added 13 press-ups to my total. Did a bit of tabbing as well, just remember to get soe rest before you go though or you'll risk over training ;-)
  4. What does CV mean? Are you thinking of holding your breath while you tab, I'm confused, or you are?
  5. Ive had it explained to me via pm, yes three and a half weeks will or rather could make an improvement.

    Surely that isn't what you wanted to hear?
  6. Not from fat **** to superman, but I'd be very surprised if you can't make major gains with a proper training and nutrition programme.
  7. nope no improvement, should have trained longer,

    if your doing an arduos course you need to train properly with a two week lo intensity prior to the endurance you will be doing.

    good luck
  8. what kind of course is it? im on a shoulder course soon. Its also 3 weeks long but it specialises in educating you so when you are training you will be more aware of what you should and should not be doing. Recovery after will take a number of months but those three weeks are by far the most important
  9. In 3 weeks? He'll be lucky to make any significant gains. Remember; his CV isn't too bad at present (or so he says) so trying to get fitter when you're halfway there is harder than some lazy ****** putting on a pair of running shoes for the first time where improvement comes much quicker. The fitter you become the harder it is to get better. Ask any elite athlete trying to shave off a few seconds which may take months.
  10. If you haven't tabbed for awhile though it can't hurt to get used to it again, maybe it might make it less painful than if you go there not having done anything.
  11. Thanks for the replies. It was pretty much what I feared, good job the weather and a back injury have stopped me wasting my time tabbing around the area over the last week.

    Guess I'll just need to dig deep and hope I don't cry like a girl.