How much goodwill did Maggie have in spring 1982?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by angular, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. I was looking at the thread about Argentina kicking off again about the Falklands, and bagan to wonder about how Maggie was regarded before the last invasion. I was living in the US at the time, but I remember the riots in '81 hitting the headlines.

    If things went wrong now, the Armed Forces would presumably deal with the problem and come home, but I find it hard to believe that the British people would regard Broon as the saviour of his country's interests. I know Maggie came to be widely hated just before she left office; how did people feel in the spring of 1982?
  2. They hated her. I know I did. In hindsight though she was right. Bigger bastards have held her office since and been far worse (Major*, Blair etc)

    *Weak and ridiculed, but vicious nonetheless.
  3. She was losing popularity, probably an understatement, and there are many who felt that the whole issue was heavily politicised in the mistaken belief it would be a walkover.

    (just seen above post, and agreed)
  4. So there are parallels.

    Maybe the one-eyed pensions thief still has time to start and win a popular war before 2010. I just hope the CCF aren't busy that term...
  5. Who's "they"? I certainly didn't.
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  6. Question : With the current commitments, if Argentina DID try to take the Falklands again, would we be in a position to respond???
  7. Short memory then. Try miners, steelworkers, railworkers most employees of the NHS, teachers, civil servants, council employees. probably over a third of the working population. They might be just lazy council house dwelling unproductive absentee public sector/ state owned industry scum to some, but even they, funnily enough, wanted to hold onto their jobs and livelyhoods rather than go quietly on the dole, sighing 'ho hum, thats life I suppose' as Thatch set about them.

    She had a clear agenda to take on their unions and smash them, not reform them, because her party represented the bosses class and those who say things like 'managements right to manage' which means we want more and bigger profits to hand over to shareholders and you employees are going to pay for it.

    Its all a balance of power really. The unions and the public sector have clawed back some of their muscle under new labour, but the pendulum will swing back eventually

    She wasnt all bad, and was clearly a product of the times. However her successors are a shower of shoite in comparison. Parliamentary Democracy ensures we get no better than we deserve, and often a lot less!
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  10. Angular,

    Las Malvinas are wheeled out by any Argentine government which is having a tough time - it is written in the SOPs in the Casa Rosa. Her husband did the same a couple of years ago. The islands and the British illegal occupation of them are engrained in the national psyche in the same way that Gibraltar is to the Spanish... the fact that they are being mentioned is of no concern whatsoever...

    The 'Could we do 1982 again' trip has been done to death on this site - so please don't be tempted to start sailing round that buoy again!

    As for Gordon and his war, if he read the 'Comprehensive Approach' manual in a bit more depth he could get some credit for Afghanistan but given that it seems to be avoided like the plague in Whitehall (lest FCO and DfID actually had to get off their arrses and do something) this is unlikely...

  11. The unions had virtualy bankrupted and brought the country to it's knees, they had to be smashed. It wasn't nice or tidy, but it was something that had to be done, sometimes you need a bastard to do the dirty work. I've always admired the Thatch for at least not pretending to be nice. You've got to remember she'd only been in power for just over 2 years and was still repairing the damage that labour had done to the country. As for being hated, maybe by the freeloaders who saw the wheels about to come off their gravytrain, but others saw her as a saviour.
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  12. Adj, Read my first post.

    Read my first post.

    Read my first post.

  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Maggie was intensely unpopular in 81, but only because the measures she had to take for this country were so hard. The parallels after the NEXT election (my prediction) are going to be scarily similar. This being the Conservatives enacting very austere measures to pay off the national debt - again; more measures to curb government spending - lots of strikes and job losses; no decreases in taxes until the debts are paid off, no decrease in taxes until the armed forces are properly funded once again. The difference between Maggie Thatcher being hated and Gordon Broon being hated is simple - Thatcher gave us the pain to put things right, but Broon is giving us the pain because he's screwed the place up.

    At the end of 1979, this country was in bits, it had no money, it was being ruined by strikes, we owed billions to everyone else, and the books had to be put back in order - and that meant some very, very difficult decisions had to be made - she was the only one with big enough b0ll0cks to do that, and do it she did.

    What's going to be the difference this time - Broon is almost universally hated, but not because he's taking tough decisions to make this country viable again; he's the one who's responsible for the upcoming recession and for taking this country back 20 years to darker, poorer times; he's raided the cookie jar, and then borrowed biccies from everyone else, and somebody else is going to have to take the hard decisions after he's been voted out so that the huge national debt that Broon has incurred can be paid off again - ie: high taxes and reduction in central gobment spending - all over again!

    Will fighting a battle for the Falklands get him off the hook? No chance - the writing is on the wall and The Argies are reiterating their rights to the place, and thus, we should be taking military precautions right now to ensure that, even if the Argies try and invade, THIS time they are not successful, and thus, we won't have to send a battle group and fleet to retake it at enormous cost. If the Argies retook the Falklands, this gobment would probably apologise to the Argies for us having it in the first place, let alone not going back to retake it for its rightful owners - us!

    What is definite is that we should make absolutely sure that the Islands cannot be invaded a second time - why? The price of oil and gas now makes the reserves around the Falklands quite a viable proposition - natural resources are the real wealth creators in this world as they make money out of what's in the ground - it's the start point for most global industry and drives it, whereas other forms of revenue rely on it to drive their industries.

    Not only does the domestic situation in Argentina require their gobment to make noises to distract the population from poor management, it also goes back to that old chestnut of using a 'popular' war to get peoples eye of the ball at home and win some votes again. Added to that, the revenue that could be generated for Argentina if IT can farm those resources around the Falklands and you see where this might go - as I say, the writing is on the wall.

    If Broon does the right thing and boosts the garrison and defences of the Falklands even more, he might win a stack of votes if this country successfully defends the place from attack, but he will be out of office faster than you can say 'one-eyed c**t' if he allows the place to fall and we have to go back in again with another army (he more than likely wouldn't try to retake the Falklands anyway).
  14. Much better in the long run if red robbo,scargill,mcgahey et al had been left to their own devices I suppose.
    Certain parts of the public sector have become grossly overmanned at the expense of others to the extent that they have to invent new jobs for them.
    Overall the country benefited from Maggie's tenure but it was entirely predictable that when this bunch of grotesques got in they would f..k it all up again.