How Much for going on Jeremy Kyle?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. Looking for some spare cash for hoiliday. Anybody know much the show pays for appearing? Is there extra for crying/shouting/fighting? Is there a bonus for being escorted to the door while shouting "I've been thrown out of better places than this!"?
  2. I thought it was a free night in the local premier inn, and £100 that they are supposed to use to get new clothes. I believe the £100 is used for abortions/inseminations instead.
  3. I've a patient who went on the show years ago. At the time he was on Heroin, they promised him a detox but all they did was phone a local counselling service. Oh how he laughs all these years later when they show the repeats and him being a well respected hard working chap now.
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  4. Think someone on here a few years back mentioned someone who worked for his dad was asked to go on accused of being some sink estate brat's dad IIRC it was £500 and collected by car and taken down to the show plus overnight stop out in a hotel and lets be honest thats about as exotic a hotel/travel they will ever get!
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  5. I have to confess, I watch odd bits, it dates from a course that started half an hour after The Kyle Show, its not a good reason and I am ashamed of my habit. But let any one of you who hasn't slowed down to gawp at an RTA tell me it isn't the same feelings;
    Thankful it ain't you
    Superior, because you haven't pranged your wagon, and
    Handsome, because people in crashes and The Kyle Show are never at their best.

    To qualify you'd have to be obese, terminally unemployed/employable, no dress sense, and, oddly enough, despite celebrating diversity and TV being ' hideously white' coloureds and asians need not apply. Unless of course they don't have any problems regarding fidelity, parentage, or drugs.

    Never seen a slop-jockey, or Q bloke on it. Strange but true.
  6. My brothers claim to fame was being on Trisha,
    very embarrassing as i was working on a ward at the time and his ugly mug popped up on the lounge tele, to be very swiftly followed by my Mum on the phone asking how i get him sectioned.
    believe he got about £150 plus hotel.
  7. Anyone want to fabricate a story with me, put on some scummy accents and earn a bit of cash?
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  8. I think what you will get is the respect of your peers watching the show, so go for it :wink:
  9. I was just thinking that, it must be possible to cleverly satirise the whole thing right under that cunt Kyle's nose.
  10. I believe an RLC Unit was invited to take part in a "Forces Special" edition, partly to make the show more ethnically diverse. Sadly the researchers thought the levels of obesity, abortions, single motherhood, faking of disability, and domestic violence were all being put on as an act rather than being a fair reflection of life & the show was cancelled...
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  11. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I'm happy to help, but you'll have to lend me a tracksuit and some tacky jewellery.
  12. But do you have all the credentials to appear?

  13. I can't 'lend' something which I don't have, but I'm sure primark could outfit us for the show for just a fraction of the payout for appearing.
  14. Rather defeats the object of being on the show if the clothing is lent/borrowed unless you count what Scousers are famous for as borrowing...
  15. I'd be rumbled in seconds if I went on dressed as myself.