How much does the Army pay towards resettlement course?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by StevieH, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. I have served +6 years, so I get 20 days for a course, but I didnt get told of how much I get towards paying for them, the course Ive seen is over £4k. How much do I, if any, have to contribute?
  2. If you have not talked to your IERO yet, you should do it asap. He will tell you that you can claim £534 towards the cost of training and top this up with £175 from your annual SLC if you have not used it. If your course is nowhere near a RN, Army or RAF base with spare accn, you might even be able to claim NRSA etc - but only actuals.

    It is unlikely that you will be able to do the sort of qualification which can be funded by ELC but ask him to check that you are registered for it anyway. You might want to use it after you have left.

    But get an interview with the only guy who really knows - your IERO!!!
    Don't accept everything you hear from people like me.
  3. got an interview with some resettlement major in sept, do you not get a resettlement grant before the 12yr point?

    just been looking at the courses available and pricing them up and wondered what the score was, seen as its summer stand down and nobody home
  4. new guidelines now say that you can combine your ELC with your IRTC (£534) as long as the provider is registered with ELCAS, you are registered with ELCAS and the course that you wish to do meets the correct criteria (it is level 3 or above etc..).

    The whole accommodation issue is a dodgy one as well, if you live or there is military accom within 50 miles (or 1 hour by private transport or 1 hour 30 mins by public transport) of where you will be doing the course, then you cannot claim to stay in a hotel, B&B etc. regardless of what the bloke in the NAAFI says about you having to have a quite hotel room in which to study in the evenings so they have to give it to you.

    But as Codger correctly posted above, you need to see your IERO otherwise youll get nothing, then you have to attend a CTW or youll get nothing. Also as alluded to by Codger, there are a lot of subject matter experts out there (such as 'the bloke in the NAAFI') who will give you plenty of the 'facts' on what you are entitled to, these facts are usually totally wrong or out of date as things have changed recently, speak to the people who actually know.

    I work in Resettlement at an AEC now so the info above is correct but you still need to get the full facts from an interview with your IERO.
  5. Don't think the so called "Resettlement Grant" is anything to do with Resettlement!! I believe it is the name for the lump sum leavers get after the 12 yr point.

    £4k seems alot for a course. Ask them to break down this cost into training costs, exam/test fees, B&B and daily food/refreshments. You can make separate claims for these.

    Do the same for any other courses you look at.
  6. A resettlement Major? interesting!
    you are entitled to a Full Resettlement Programme as soon as you hit the 6 year point.

    When you talk to your IERO (who are civil servants not military) he/she will point you in the right direction as to how to go about your Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT, your 20 days) in relation to annual leave etc..


    Your SLC can be used towards exam fees, training costs are paid towards by using your IRTC (& ELC) and the food and accom comes from a different source, ie through your unit

    Codger is on the ball! Are you sure youre not an IERO?
  7. So, bottom line is, I need to get savin some pay packets for this course big time. The army is gonna give me some but not a significant chunk
  8. In an ideal world, if everything meets the correct criteria, Potentially:
    IRTC = £534
    If you are registered for ELC and so are they = £1000
    SLC for exam fees = £175
    Food & Accom (potentially) = £109.52 a day x 20 = £2190.40

    Total entitlement (potentially) = £3899.40
    Course Cost = £4000

    Amount payable by you = £61

    Which is why you need to speak to your IERO and ask the course provider for a full course cost break down.
  9. got ya, do think that is being very hopeful about food and accom, ill see when everyone off leave
  10. most course providers (if they do a lot of business through service leavers) will know exactly how much you are entitled to and tailor their food and accom fees to the exact amount that you are entitled to.
  11. I hope all IEROs are as clued up as you, Filbert Fox!
    good to see sensible advice without smart aarse comments!
  12. Just going through my resettlement myself at the moment. Where do you get the potential £109.52 a day from for food & accn? We get £56 for accn & £24.52 for food so where does the rest come from? My resettlement bod has not mentioned anything about this to me.
  13. And as if by magic.......

    Breakdown of Allowances for Civilian Resettlement Courses

    Night Subsistence (NS) (formerly NRSA) = £80.00*
    Day Subsistence (DS) (formerly EE) = £24.52*
    Incidental Expenses (IE) (formerly PIE) = £5.00*
    Maximum Daily Allowance = £109.52*
    * = Paid as actuals.
    Privately Arranged rate = £26

    old rate, things have changed.
  14. Was under the impression that ELC is now £2000 if you are discharged after Apr 08!
  15. only if you have 8 years in the scheme (which at the moment would mean having registered in 2002-3 when it all started, which although isnt 8 years it is counted as), Stevie has only served 6 years but it would depend on when he signed up to the scheme, so I was working on him being on the lower tier of £1000 just in case and of course you dont have to be discharged to be entitled to either the lower or the higher tiers, just registered, all people who were serving in 2002 and registered at that time and were still serving as of 01 Apr 08 are now eligible for the higher tier and you can access ELC up to ten years after you get out.
    Of course once you leave the forces your time towards ELC stops, so if you registered and then left with less than 4 years in the scheme you would get nothing, left after 4 but before 8 then its the lower tier of £1000.