How much does a L27A1 chally 2 round cost?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cider_Glider, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. I know nothing about these but the topic came up in the office so I was tasked to find out. much do they cost? the APFSDS-T jobbies?

  2. nothing they do not fire fin!!
  3. If you look on the packet it comes in, it sometimes has the cost on the spares price labeling.

    If not, give the IPT a call. However, it is restriced-commercial information, so unless you need to know, I doubt that they'd tell you.
  4. pah....restricted commercial...they may aswell post it on here!!

    IF its not the fin type then whichever is the main round used. Obvisously im not a tankie type so go gentle on me!
  5. I saw it quoted as £90 for one round for a Chieftain once, but that was when I was at school and I am now coming up for retirement... At the time you could buy a brand new typical family car for around £1000.
  6. Sorry, should have added, not exactly the same type of round. Three bedroom houses in west London cost £5k at the same time... Now? Don't think about it!
  7. Allowing a large margin of error, and making an educated guess, I'd say you're looking at about £1.5k each for a HEAT round.
  8. When asked a question, always query whether there is an ulterior motive behind it. Could this be a prelude to being billed for each round that misses its target (unnecessary wastage and all that)?
  9. I've just had a heads-up.

    In 2003, the US Army were paying US$2K a unit assuming a purchase of one million units.
  10. Fair point but no Puttees, Simply just an office conversation that needed answer on ARRSE could provide!!
  11. ???? Ermm - am I missing something here? We've been firing APFSDS since Chieftain c 1986.
  12. I thought that Chally 2 fired CHARM 1 & 3, HESH and smoke? Seem to remember reading that somewhere. I don't know for sure 'cause I was on Cheiftain and CVR's. It's a shame if they don't fire APFSDS rounds as new tank gunners will no longer be able to learn the mysterious martial art of 'Fin Tan Kon'...
  13. CHARM is a hyper velocity APFSDS round.
  14. Take the US price, double it and add a fair chunk. Our arty rounds cost between 600 and 1,700 per shot (5 years ago). The cheapest being HE (price does not include fuses), most expensive was bomblet.

    The yank versions cost 30 quid for HE and up to 800 dollars (500 quid) per Bomblet. Difference in price is caused by 3 main factors:

    1. Quality. Brit rounds are made to much finer tolerances than US munitions, hence are much more accurate.
    2. Quantity. Brit Army will order a few thousand rounds a time, the US orders in several million.
    3. Brit procurement process is still cr@p and you get ripped off.
  15. The US ammo is fired from a smooth bore gun so does not require the finer tolerances of the British ammo which is fired from a rifeld barrel.

    It's an old argument and you've just highlighted one of the issues of rifled - v - smoothbore.