How much does a CR2 cost?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. hello tankies

    How much would it be to buy one of these beauties, and how does that compare to service life costs?

    Been asked in a civvie forum...


  2. Edited for mongy double posting.

    I'm not a tankie though so not sure if I count - will be soon with some luck though so I thought I'd push my luck 8) .
  3. Squigly,no sterling sign on your keyboard?Mine neither it´s FOUR Million quid in ´99 before the tax paying posters have an heart attack. :twisted:
  4. Is that the basic model? What about with sand filters/skirts and upgraded armour?? How much extra to upgrade the cassette/cd player to an IPod integrated sound system?

    Taxi for HH
  5. £2.27

  6. £ 3.8 million pound each at FABS, (Final Agreed Build Standard), but bear in mind the British Army variant was the GL model and not the GTi variant, no shock there, they insisted the track and running gear was changed to a cheaper version (Blair), and then spent twice as much wondering why it fell apart, spooky we now have an upgraded track that has solved this self made problem, smart procurement eh :lol:
  7. I remember at Bovvy, when they were showing off the 'new' Khalid? to visiting Middle eastern types, and on a cold start one of the tracks fell off :)
  8. The University in Newcastle (coincedentally not many miles form Vickers on the Scotswood Road) has a development dept for tracks, routinely running track designs at speeds of over 70mph reliably I gather.
    The technlogy and ability is there to produce the GTi quite comfortably :D
  9. I take it, Cmdrs Floating HUD, S Line, Ghia, Titanium X, Type R and Elegance didn't feature at all then??? TTTTWWWWAAAAAATTTTTSSSSSSS in government!!!! :x
  10. Sod me with all the cut backs do you have to buy your own now ????
    I would have thought MOD would have supplied them , but knowing New Liarbour nothing would surprise me
  11. I can't decide whether that's a birdhouse or a weather station nailed to the turret behind the hatches :p .
  12. Looks like a ping pong table! :D
  13. To be fair, they were repeatedly warned that the cheapest option would be the most expensive option in the long run, but the financiers always have their way! And the upgrades cost a lot of money, because VDS was able to recoup the money it lost on the original fielding standard (which was crap...).