How much does a combat role limit future oppurtunities?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jono8192, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I saw a thread earlier about how little oppurtunities there are after being an infantry soldier, and wondered is this the same if you had a career in the Royal Artillery as well as the infantry.

    They are 2 of my 3 choices, along with the Engineers. Obviously the Engineers will give me a trade at the end though.

    On leaving, I would probably look at a career in the Police Force firstly.

    So like I say, is something like the Engineers definately a better choice when thinking about what to do afterwards?

  2. Yes.
  3. Simples, ey?

    As I am interested in going into the Police Force after, would they look more kindly at any ex-serviceman providing he had a good record etc? Or would you not have much more of an advantage than a civvy?
  4. The choice of your career may help you gain a job....

    But it doesn't follow that just because you are an Infantry or RAC or Gunner soldier you are fcuked in civvie strasse.

    Even as a Rifleman you will pick up skills and attributes that can help in a later career. Obviously it will be a lot easier to become a plumber if you were a plumber in the RE, but it doesn't follow that a Infantryman wouldn't be able to train and excell inthis area. Bearing inmind that teh RE soldeir may not actually do much of his artisan trade in the Army.
  5. Thanks Frog (can I call you that?).

    I'd have thought any career in the Army could only put you in good stead for a role in the Emergency Services. To be honest, I don't really have any interest in being a plumber or something afterwards, basically only interested in the Rozzers.
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Forgive my cynicism - but if you are only interested in joining the Police Force - why not just join the Police Force? You will still be serving.

    Just a thought.

    To answer the original question, being in a combat role does not preclude you to getting a decent job if you choose to leave the colours. Indeed, I can point you at a former Cpl that is now earning over 90k in a Fortune 100 company right now.
  7. Yeah I know what you are saying there :lol:

    I've always wanted to join the Army as well, so even if I just do my 4 years, I want to do it.
  8. May sound silly but if you want to eventually join the police force after a stint in green, why not have a try at the RMP.
  9. Yes Slick, another good point well made. These are all things that I am looking at.

    Thing is though, the combat role has always been the one which interested me the most, which is why I'd like to join the Paras or the Royal Anglians.

    It's just such a difficult decision to make lol!
  10. One other thing to think of is the medical side. There are a lot of guys coming back for Herrick with ear problems and other minor or indeed major injuries. Injuries that a probably more prevelent in the Combat Arms. This generally doesn't preclude you from continuing to serve even at a reduced capacity but, would seriously jeopardise any future career where you would be required to pass entrance level medicals such as the Police or Fire Service.

    Not a reason to not join in a Combat Role if that is what you want but, experience in a trade would be great to fall back on without having to start affresh!
  11. In my opinion, Yes. :)
  12. Yeah good point about the hearing etc. Guess the Artillery might cause a bit of that ;)
  13. Tescos always need security guards.
  14. Police wont give a fcuk about your time in the mob, unless you can convert Army talk into Civvy speak.

    And being qualified to fix Landies/build bridges/ defuse bombs/ rewire a plug wont make a blind bit of difference to being an ex Infantryman when it comes to a Police application.

    Dont trick yourself into thinking that because you are ex mil you can walk into a Police role, that died out 20 years ago. Ive seen a good few Squaddies get binned at selection just for not being what the Filth look for.

    Do what you want to do now, not what you think you want to do in 5,10 or 22 years down the line cos its a long time to be stuck in a job that you dont really want to be in.
  15. Fair enough, same for RMP?