How much do you sleep/weigh?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Less than 5 hours and I m a fat bastard

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  2. Less than 5 hours and I m not fat

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  3. 5-7 hours and I m overweight

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  4. 5-7 hours and I m not overweight

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  5. 8 hours or over but I'm a whale anyway

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  6. 8 hours or over and I m not an aquatic mammal

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  1. I've just been reading (here) that lack of sleep and obesity could be linked.

    Obviously that could just mean that they're too busy stuffing pies in their faces to sleep, but you never know.

    I've worked shifts for a few years, often only getting 3-5 hours of sleep, and while I'm no whale, I have put some weight on since I started, so it could be true.

    What's the verdict of ARRSE?

  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    3-5 hours???? don't you feel like shit during the day?
  3. Yes, then I go to work, and feel like sh*t all night too!
  4. I will be the first to admit that I am a fat git and eat nothing.

    I wish.

    I scoff like a hoo.

    Kebabs? yeah baby
    MaccyDees? yeah baby
    Burger King? yeah baby
    KFC? buckets of it baby

    Does it have an effect? Does it buggery. Some people are fat, some people are thin. It happens.
  5. That's how I see it too, Dale. I get 4 - 5 hours kip a night and it's all I need. My wife is useless unless she's had at least 9 hours kip. But we're both not fat. In fact, we've got "reverse weights", since I'm 10st 8 and she's 8st 10.

  6. Can't sleep more than 4 hours and I am fat but my sleeping patterns were the same when I was thin.
  7. I think it depends on the person. I've cut out the pies, lost loads of weight and am doing phys most days, yet i find i need less sleep than when i was doing a Bernard Manning.

    It's all crap anyway. According to the BMI i'm obese yet i pass my MATTS and fit snuggly into a 36" waist - hardly hippo characteristics.
  8. Whats important is bodyfat %... I am 13.5 stone and a 32 inch waist so I am obese? Many athletes etc are obese using the standard BMI formula, I suppose its intended for "normal" people with less lean mass. I guess it depends on the kind of athlete. Boxers and weight lifters always seem to be really heavy where runners etc are much lighter.

    I suppose I should have voted that I was overweight because my "ideal" weight is 77kg... who knows.

    Rambling post.. no real point.

  9. im a light sleeper ... but im usually asleep/trying to sleep for 8 hours plus, i used to be a fattie and even then i slept just as much.

    according to BMI i am obese but my bodyfat % was 14.6 when i had it checked last month.

  10. Lack of sleep lower your metabolism and its usually as lowest early in the morning when you start freezing and eat to stop freezing/stay awake/being effin bored etc
  11. Im 13 and a half stone, 6ft 2, bodyfat is at around 13%. I get about 6 to 7 hours sleep a night.

    More sleep would be great, but i do fcuked up hours... early mornings late nights.

    Regards the some people are fat thing: bollocks, some people are big yeah, im never going to be 2cm round, but i was 17st and had the attitude "some people are fat" - it can be sorted. OK so some people are medically screwed (underactive thyroid etc) - but they can still excercise and control it.

    Cake in = Fat on , its a simple equation.
  12. im 5" 10 and 9 stone(if they let me keep my clothes on) cant put any weight on and feel like im anorexic compared to most people :p

    on the other side of that i regularly sleep 12 hours a night if im left alone

    looks like a clear case of "everyone's different"
  13. Guys if any of you are overweight and are having sleeping problems check out SLEEP APNOEA.

    If you think that you match any of the sleep apnoea symptoms its VERY IMPORTANT you get yourselves down to the quack to get checked out for it. You're placing a strain upon your heart, your body's natural rhythm is disrupted and your quality of sleep will obviously be pants.

    Amongst other things you will also NOT be allowed to drive by DVLA until you get on a recommended course of treatment. Lots of other reasons too.

    Check it out.

    PS Forgot to mention, not all sufferers are overweight. And yes I do suffer from it before you ask.
  14. 5-7 hours and I m not overweight
  15. Interesting topic.

    I reckon that establishing a causal connection would be difficult. OK, so people who get less sleep might tend to be fatter - but is that because they are getting less sleep, or because of some other reason (they rely on sugar highs from muffins and chocolate to keep going during the day)?

    I get about three to five hours of broken sleep a night - broken once per night at 4am by Mini-Me senior and throughout the night by Mini-Me junior. I have put on a bit of podge since they came along, especially the second one. But the reason for that is, I reckon, not directly due to lack of sleep but because I am so fckin bollixed that I can't do as much phys as I used to.

    Mrs Evil's sleep is just as broken but because she goes to bed about four hours earlier she gets more. Popping out a second sprog makes the weight analysis tricky - but interestingly enough, her nipperlard is going away (slinky waist returning ... hrrr! ... come here, Mrs E - time for Sprog 3!).

    PS To you who get 8+ hours of sleep: BSTARDS!