How much do you get paid at Sandhurst? And as 2lt?

I had an interview at my OTC recently and was asked if I knew what the pay was at these levels.

I thought I got it right in saying about 23k at Sandhurst then 27k ish as a 2lt... I was told this was wrong. So enlighten me guys, whats the salary?
Outstanding said:
Off Cdt Level 1 daily 39.31 Annual 14,348.88
That was appx what a Band 2 Class 1 Scale B Lance Jack got in 1994! How can they justify giving Baby Ruperts that much!

I'm outraged!!!
Helpful as always. Google ain't tricky, I know this. Been there and done it.

I thought the website above was a little confusing, and I really thought it was more than the salaries you gave! Still a little unsure. It says non-graduate officer cadet 23k, graduate officer cadet / 2lt 28k

I can only assume this refers to salaries after leaving Sandhurst, depending on educational qualifications.
That link above is out of date (Level 1 has risen by around £500).

This link is more recent and has the bumpf explaining which pay level graduates start at which is Level 5 i.e. 23k and on commission it goes up to Level 6 (27k). Pay is all detailed in your Sandhurst JIs anyway; which is as per the link above:
Approx £14K for non-grads and approx £23k for grads. And if you are non-grad your loan will come out of your pay. If you want to know how much you will take home after tax, loan etc. use The Take Home Salary Calculator. Yes I was tragically sad and did this (equates to around £1400 for a GDE) because I wanted to work out how much I'd have left and how quickly I could get rid of my student debt!

So OP, you were in essence you were correct.
Is that pay all inclusive or is there extra allowances for 24hr duties, uniforms, postings away from where you're based etc.? Also, is there any equivalent to the TA annual bounty? Does anyone have any details on these allowances and, in the case of duty allowances, how often can you expect to recieve them?
Cheers in advance for the help (/abuse).
Oh My God! No wonder my bloody taxes are so high.
Personally, reckon you should pay them for the honour of training you.
Maybe will have to pay off loan as i start then, Clanger how long were you paying it off for?

P.s. will i have enough to drink ale and sing with the ladies at valhalla on weekends?
I haven't been yet and I've only paid off a little of mine since leaving uni. On Sandhurst grad salary, we pay off £63.56/month or £762.77 in that year. After tax and student loan we take home £1,436.90/month on the new September tax rates. Most average students have a loan in the region of £9k to pay back.... so one year at Sandhurst isn't a massive dent - leaves you with around £8237 left to pay.
On commission, pay goes up to £28,216.32. First year as a Subaltern sees £1,189.47 of student loan paid off which leaves £7k. Take home after tax and loan is at £1,673.95 so nice little pay rise there....! You get the idea? Obviously pay will go up again on promotion to Lt which covers levels 6-10 on the pay spine and at level 10 you are looking at 31,188.36 per annum which still only pays off in the region of £1,456.95 of your student loan (take home £1,822.55). Unless you put across say an extra £100 - £200/month, you are looking at around 7 years to pay off your loan. And extra £100/month sees off an added £1200/annum, which is quite a difference on how long it would take to pay it off.

I sat and worked this all out purely because I would like to get rid of it ASAP so I have more money incoming each month to save up for a decent car/house etc.[/boring post]

You can wake up now....!


Sorry, they're paid at Sandhurst ??!!
Or if you are like me then they mess up your pay (for the second month in a row and pay you as a non-grad rather than a graduate).
Personally I wouldn't worry about pay, I guarantee on your first leave weekend after week five your entire platoon will go out and have inpulses like buying new laptops, dvds and (in my case) a £250 Suunto gps watch!
So much for the dream of paying off that loan in 2 years then haha. I was tempted to see if i could just pay lumps of it off rather than the required monthly. I hate the idea of a loan hanging over my head for 7 years.

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