How much do you get paid a week in basic training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by michaelshane06, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. As the title suggest how much do you get paid a week in basic training?. Also how much of that weeks pays you is yours to keep?.
  2. For first two months you are looking at 40 pounds a week cash, then you get what you are owed into the bank after two months and then you are paid into the bank.
  3. thanks for your help.
  4. They always say that but myself and everyone I knew ended
    up with about 150-200 quid tops at the end, I was expecting a
    thousand pounds after my basic! :cry:

    We got 20 quid off the PC which was signed for and I had spent this thousand quid I thought I had accrued during my basic before I actually got it, which is always the case isn't it? :D
  5. In 1981 I got £5 per week and after 10 weeks basic training got a lump sum of £90 to play with - yippee!!!! NOT
  6. i got paid cash in hand the 1st 5 weeks

    4 x £60 , 1 x £80 , plus at week five a £250 cheque
  7. Thing is all stuff like tracksuit the battlefield tour, welcome pack , haircuts etc
    come out of your actual pay, i got about 400 quid in bank from my first 2 months but i went through in 2003 so not exactly current.

    Which ATR are you going because there will be someone on the site whos been there recently, as i believe each one treats what you sign for individually.
  8. Did they charge me for all that? bunch of twats!

    A shitey grey tracksuit and a pair of hi-tec trainers!

    This was back in 1989 mind! I remember getting the money in my bank and feeling ripped off! No-one exactly knew why the final amount ended up to be so little so thanks for putting me in the picture... 18 years later! :D
  9. ATR is at Catterick.

  10. Is it i thought it was ITC at Catterick
  11. Im not to sure what ATR stands for :oops: but im going to do basic training at Catterick.
  12. ATR = army training regiment

    what reg you joining?
  13. Grenadier Guards
  14. what intake are you on?

    theres 1 tomorrow i think
  15. chris, i see u are at catterick, im starting there 11th feb. dnt spose you could fill me in on the coin situation there m8? and how long you been there?