how much do you carry on you ??


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When I was in the mob we were often told that we had to have at least one days pay in our wallet or we could be charged . In civy st. I used to carry £50 and my cards , the cash was for cabs tips etc.
Now that I am retired I only carry ten quid a fiver and coins . So how much do you carry about with you on average ?
About £10 - £15 if a work day. Other days it depends what I need, petrol, shopping, new pair of jeans and I take it out the hole in the wall. I hate using cards (unless credit card to protect a purchase, flights, internet spending) and cash will always be king!
Depends what I am going out for,if for a paper,55p. If I'm going on the ale,might break into a £1.Life is good.
About £4-5 in change unless I'm going somewhere that specifically needs more.
At the most £20 at the beginning of the week which gets whittled down as the week progresses. Petrol etc gets bought on the debit card.

Are you asking so you know which one of us to mug?
I always have a fiver on me at work in loose change for drinks and scoff at lunchtime.

In the wallet I always have around a ton on me because you never know, impromptu piss up, or something shiny in the shop.
Anything between £60-£200.

It seems this place is swamped with fucking peasants.

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