how much do manning and records actually take not of PPPs?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sortedgeezer, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. I need a specific posting to germany from germany and dont really know how nice they are in Glasgow? (In the RSigs units) Any ideas?
  2. they don't not really well if they want to move you somewhere else they will. you tried talkin to ur RCMO
  3. PPP's are'nt worth the paper they are written on, just a gimmick to let you think MCM care and you have a choice of postings
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Phone them up and ask them? I've never heard of a PPP doing any good. RCMO is also a good point of contact if you have a specific reason for needing a post
  5. So PPPs are not any good or not worth the paper they are printed on? :rofl:

    So that'll be why out of all my postings so far in my 17 years, I've only ever been posted somewhere once that wasn't done on my PPP? And that was my first posting fresh from Catterick. Asked for 7 Sigs and got 3 Div and at the time both were still in Germany.

    In fact one of my posting orders was changed from one I volunteered for (not on my PPP) to one that was on my PPP. And that was a fairly gucci posting for an even better one!!

    And for my last posting I was given three choices by MCM via my boss two of which were on my PPP.

    But if you want to ensure you get what you want get your CoC/RCMO to sort it for you. But make sure they call your desk officer on the right day. :help:
  6. Don't phone them up and ask them yourself, I've heard of this going spectacularly wrong for some folk. I.E. folk that have phoned desk officer direct and gotten what they wanted only for unit CoC finding out and getting mega f'd off and change it for something really bad.
  7. A fresh ppp through your Sqn 2ic should do, even better if you have gone through it with the RCMO first.

    However the posting you want should be able to fulfill your aspiration, as in the right trade at the right rank and have a vacancy at the time of your requested move.

    If they dont well sorry better luck next time, time for choice 2. If you fill your ppp with all Germany then you are limiting what RSW can offer you so dont be suprised when something off the wall comes through the post.

    Most importantly do not forget to actually put as much info as you can on the ppp, the reasons why you want it. RSW are not mind readers :?

    Good luck
  8. Get with it! Manning and Records Offices ceased to exist years ago; and, oh, now we are in the JPA era, check whether your 'assignment' preferences should be entered on-line.
  9. Preferences will go onto your next JPA appraisal, but there's nothing to stop you putting in a fresh PPP.

    Give it to your 2IC or RCMO, and do it around CR time - but you can submit one at any stage.

    Remember that you are likely to get one of your three choices, not necessarily your top pick, and be realistic - don't put down Gibraltar, USA or Cyprus if your trade groups are not represented there.

    My advice is to use the CoC and submit a compelling case for a posting.

  10. Oh and I forgot to add that it's R SIGNALS Soldier (or Officer) Wing (Combat Support Branch) (etc) and not a) Manning and Records or b) MCM Div any longer.

    Just say Glasgow.

  11. The only posting I havn't got which I wanted, was my first from Catterick, because some scrote on my class 3 pulled the welfare card (which he admitted he had only done to get the posting).

    Other than that I have got what I wanted.

    Be realistic as chickenheart suggests and put in Units that have plenty of your trade group to maximise your chances.

    I was offered 4 choices before I asked for my present post.

    The system does work as long as you give them time and don't take the p1ss.
  12. Do a bit of research, find out who your Desk Officer is. Get your Pref Post Pro and wrap it around a nice bottle of red (for a bird) Malt whiskey if it is a guy. Then send it to them registered or special delivery, its gonna cost ya 50 quid all up, got to be worth a go.
  13. Don't forget to specify a non smokers room! :twisted:
  14. you are allowed to call them, the officers don't like you doing it cause you can find out how they screw you. I got told by my sqn that i couldn't get posted until i'd done at least 18 months at the unit and that it was something that Glasgow enforced and was out of their hands. I called Glasgow who told me that was a load of bull and that you cn get posted the day after you arrive all it takes is the agreement or your oc sqn. The desk officer pencilled me into a post but said i had to push it from my end and it wasn't defo, funnily enough 4 months later the sqn made a song and dance about how they had "pulled strings" and worked really hard to get me a posting suprise surprise the very same one i got myself pencilled in for in a 5 min phone call. In fact i think it was at about this point i knew my time in the army was coming to an end
  15. You bring it up about calling the desk up in wee Glasgow, then the next thing your Sqn is doing is bending you over and telling you how you didnt use the chain of command.....................How about the threatening them with signing off. Thing is why should i put my relationship on the line for a bunch of bellends that dont even care?

    NTT is getting closer i think!